Deu 2.35: stuffs an da animals from da towns, we wen take um away fo ourself.
Deu 3.7: But all dea animals an stuffs we take um away fo ourself.
Isa 58.3: Wase time, Us guys make ourself come notting, An you neva know!
Mrk 12.33: an aloha fo da odda guy jalike we get love an aloha fo ourself.’
Jhn 4.42: But now we trus him cuz we hear him ourself, an we know fo shua dat dis da Guy who can take all us
2Co 1.9: dat wen happen so dat we can learn fo trus God an no trus ourself.
2Co 3.1: If you guys tink we starting fo talk big bout ourself some moa, we not!
2Co 4.5: Us guys no talk plenny bout ourself.
2Co 4.5: We ony say dis bout ourself: us guys come fo kokua you guys, cuz we Jesus guys.
2Co 4.9: Get guys dat make us suffa plenny, but God no leave us by ourself.
2Co 5.12: We not trying fo make ourself look good again in front you guys.
2Co 8.5: demself to da Boss Up Dea, an dey wen say, “We like give ourself fo do wat you guys like, cuz dass wat God like.
2Co 10.12: We no make ourself jalike dem.
2Co 12.19: Eh, you guys was tinking long time we ony talking fo ourself, yeah?
Gal 5.23: He help us stay in charge a ourself.
1Th 2.8: tell you guys da Good Stuff From God, but we wen like give ourself to you guys, cuz we wen get so plenny love an aloha fo you
1Th 3.2: an Silas, we figga mo betta we stay hea inside Athens by ourself.
1Th 5.8: But all us guys, we gotta stay in charge a ourself, an stay ready.
1Jn 1.8: If we say we no do bad kine stuff, we stay bulai to ourself, an we donno wass true.