Isa 29.11: Fo you guys, da tings dat God show Wen come jalike one paper dat get words on top An somebody roll um up An close um
Isa 29.18: da peopo dat no can hear, Dey goin hear wat da roll up paper tell.
Isa 34.4: Da whole sky goin roll up, jalike peopo roll up one paper.
Isa 50.1: message from Yahweh: “You guys tink yoa mudda get one paper Dat I wen make Fo tell dat I wen dump her an send her
Isa 50.1: No mo da kine paper, cuz I neva do dat!
Mat 5.31: goin dump his wife, gotta write um down on one divorce paper an give um to her.
Mat 19.7: wen tell, ‘Fo get one divorce, gotta give da wife one paper, den let her go’?
Mrk 10.4: Dey say, “Moses wen tell, ‘Gotta give da wife one paper fo get one divorce, den can dump her.”
Luk 1.63: Zekariah wen aks fo one paper an wen write down, “He get da name ‘John.”
Luk 16.2: You betta give me one paper dat tell how you wen spend my money, cuz you no goin be in
head: Da Paper An God's Baby Sheep Guy
Rev 5.1: He get jalike one roll up paper in his right hand dat had writing on top two side, front
Rev 5.2: Who get da right fo broke da wax kine seal an open da paper?
Rev 5.3: on top da earth, o unda da earth get da right fo open da paper an look inside um.
Rev 5.4: hard cuz dey neva find nobody dat get da right fo open da paper an look inside.”
Rev 5.5: get da right fo broke da seven wax kine seal, an open da paper!
Rev 5.7: Da Baby Sheep Guy wen come an take da paper from da right hand a da One dat stay sitting on top da
Rev 5.9: new song, dat say: “You da One dat get da right Fo take da paper, broke da wax kine seal, an open um.
Rev 6.1: broke open da numba one seal from da seven seals on top da paper.
Rev 6.12: Baby Sheep Guy wen broke open da numba six seal on top da paper.
Rev 6.14: Da sky wen move away, jalike wen you roll up one paper!
head: Da Angel Messenja Guy An Da Small Paper
Rev 10.2: Da angel guy stay hold one small paper in his hand dat stay open.
Rev 10.8: wen hear befo from da sky, dat voice tell me, “Go, take da paper dat stay open inside da angel guy hand, da one dat stay
Rev 10.9: I wen go by da angel guy an aks him fo give me da small paper.
Rev 10.10: I wen take da small paper from da angel guy's hand, an I wen eat um.