Gen 18.25: You da Judge fo all da people inside da world.
Gen 24.60: We like da people dat goin come from you be strong So wen odda peopo go
Gen 31.54: da up country, an he tell Laban an all da odda ohana people fo come eat wit him.”
Exo 7.21: Da Egypt people no can drink watta notting outa da Nile River.
Exo 23.1: “No go tell odda people tings you hear if you know az not true.
Rut 1.11: I young still yet, so you tink I goin stick wit da way my people do um an get married fo get mo baby boys dat goin come big
Rut 4.9: Den Boaz tell da older leada guys an da odda people dat was dea, “All you guys, you wen see wat wen happen hea
Ezr 9.13: An you let some a oua people come back hea.
Isa 14.11: You guys was high makamaka, People play music fo you, But now, you guys come down to Da Mahke
Isa 26.9: Cuz wen you judge people an punish dem, Den peopo all ova da world Goin learn fo do
Dan 7.14: He make people get respeck fo him An let him be dea king.