Mat 10.3: James, dass Zebedee boy, an John, dass James brudda; Philip an Bartolomew; Thomas an Matthew, dass da guy befo time
Mrk 3.18: Andrew, Philip, Bartolomew, Matthew, Thomas, Alfeus's boy James, Taddeus,
Mrk 8.27: Jesus dem go da small towns Cesarea side, da place King Philip wen build.
Luk 3.1: Herod da small kine king inside Galilee, Herod's brudda Philip da small kine king inside Iturea an Trakonitis, Lysanias
Luk 6.14: guy he wen name Peter), Andrew his brudda, James an John, Philip an Bartolomew, Matthew an Thomas, Alfeus's boy James,
head: Jesus Tell Philip an Natanael fo Come
Jhn 1.43: He find Philip an tell him, “Eh, come wit me, an be my guy.
Jhn 1.44: Now, Philip come from Betsaida town, da same place Andrew an Peter
Jhn 1.45: Philip find Natanael an tell him, “We wen find da Guy dat Moses
Jhn 1.46: Philip say, “Come look!
Jhn 1.48: “I wen see you da time you was undaneat da fig tree, befo Philip tell you fo come.”
Jhn 6.5: He tell Philip, “Eh, wea we can buy food fo feed all dese peopo?
Jhn 6.6: You know, Jesus wen say dat jus fo check out Philip, cuz Jesus awready know wat he goin do.
Jhn 6.7: Philip tell him, “Somebody gotta work mo den two hundred days fo
Jhn 12.21: Dey come by Philip, da guy who come from Betsaida town, Galilee side, an dey
Jhn 12.22: Philip, he go tell Andrew.
Jhn 12.22: Den Andrew an Philip, dey go togedda an tell Jesus.”
Jhn 14.8: Philip tell um, “Eh Boss, show us yoa Fadda, an dass nuff fo us
Jhn 14.9: wit you guys long time, an you still yet donno who me, Philip?”
Act 1.13: Had Peter, John, James, an Andrew; Philip an Thomas; Bartolomew an Matthew; Alfeus boy James, Simon
Act 6.5: trus God an get God's Spesho Spirit in charge a him, an Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, an Nicolas from
head: Philip Teach Da Good Stuff Samaria Side
Act 8.5: Philip wen go one big town inside Samaria, an teach da peopo ova
Act 8.6: All da peopo dea wen hear Philip, an dey wen see all da awesome stuff he wen do dat show
Act 8.12: But Philip wen teach da peopo dea da Good Stuff bout how peopo can
Act 8.12: So da guys an da wahines wen trus wat Philip wen say, an he wen baptize dem.
Act 8.13: Simon, he wen trus too, an Philip wen baptize him.
Act 8.13: An Simon wen stick wit Philip all da places he wen go.
Act 8.13: Philip wen do all kine awesome stuff dat show da power he get, an
head: Philip An Da Guy From Etiopia
Act 8.26: One angel guy from da Boss wen tell Philip, “Go sout to da road inside da boonies dat go from
Act 8.27: So Philip wen go, an he come by one eunuch guy dat no can marry from
Act 8.29: God's Spesho Spirit wen tell Philip, “Go by dat carriage, an stay near um.
Act 8.30: Philip wen run ova dea, an hear da guy reading Isaiah's book.
Act 8.30: Philip wen aks da guy, “You undastan wat you reading, o wat?”
Act 8.31: Den he tell Philip fo climb inside da carriage an sit down by him.”
Act 8.34: Da guy wen tell Philip, “Please, tell me who Isaiah stay talking bout.
Act 8.35: Den Philip wen teach him.
Act 8.37: [Philip wen tell him, “I can baptize you if you trus God inside
Act 8.38: Den Philip an da guy wen go down inside da water, an Philip wen
Act 8.38: Den Philip an da guy wen go down inside da water, an Philip wen baptize him.”]
Act 8.39: water, right den an dea da Boss's Spesho Spirit wen take Philip away.
Act 8.39: Da eunuch guy neva see Philip any moa, but he wen stay going an he feel real good
Act 8.40: Den Philip wen show up Azotus side, an he wen go all da towns,