Gen 6.11: Dat time, da way God see um, all da peopo wen come poho inside.
Gen 6.12: God wen see dat erybody inside da world make demself come poho.
Gen 41.30: Wen da food pau, den eryting goin come poho all ova Egypt land.
Gen 47.19: No good us guys mahke in front you, an our land come poho.
Gen 47.19: Den we can stay alive an no mahke, an da land no come poho!
Exo 8.24: All ova da Egypt land, da land come poho cuz a da flies.
Exo 9.31: Da flax plant an da barley plant all come poho cuz a da ice rain, cuz da barley ready fo cut, an da flax
Exo 9.32: But had two kine wheat plant dat neva come poho from da ice rain, cuz dey not ready, dat time.”
Exo 10.7: You donno yet, dat da Egypt land, stay poho awready, o wat?
Exo 18.18: You ony goin make yoaself so tired, you goin come poho.”
Lev 26.16: I goin give you guys da kine sick dat make you come poho, an wit fever.
1Ki 8.56: Not even one word come poho.
Isa 5.24: “Az why, wen dose peopo make lidat, Dey goin come poho, Jalike one plant wit root all rotten, An da wind blow
Isa 10.18: come pau, Inside an outside, Jalike wen one sick guy come poho.
Isa 24.16: Jalike I stay come poho!”
Isa 40.7: Da grass come all dry, An da flowers come poho an fall down, Weneva Yahweh blow on top um.
Isa 40.8: Da grass come all dry, An da flowers come poho an fall down, But wat our God tell, Dat goin stay foeva.
Isa 49.4: I stay strong befo time, But now, I stay all poho an wear out, Fo notting!”
Isa 50.9: All dem guys dat stay agains me, Dey poho, jalike da ol puka clotheses.
Amo 1.8: Da odda Filisha guys, dey goin come poho too.
Amo 3.15: Da houses dey build wit plenny ivory inside, goin come poho.”
Amo 6.6: But yoa ohana, da Joseph ohana, litto mo goin be poho.
Jon 4.7: Da army worm wen go afta da bush an make um come all poho.
Jon 4.10: dat plant wen come up, an anodda nite, da plant wen come poho.
Mat 16.26: Dis poho: one guy get everyting inside dis world, but da guy end up
Mat 21.42: jalike me: Had one big stone, Da builda guys was tinking, ‘Poho!”
Mat 23.38: Everyting stay all poho fo you guys awready!
Mat 25.26: You one real poho worka!’
Mat 25.30: Go throw dis poho worka guy outside dea inside da dark.
Mrk 8.36: Dis poho: one guy get everyting inside dis world, but da guy end up
Mrk 12.10: say, “Had one big stone, Da builda guys was tinking, ‘Poho!
Luk 5.37: Everyting poho!
Luk 9.25: Dis poho: one guy get everyting inside dis world, but end up losing
Luk 13.35: Everyting all poho fo you guys awready!
Act 15.16: ohana come good one mo time, Jalike wen dey fix up one poho house.
Rom 1.21: Dass why wat dey stay tinking, all poho awready.”
Rom 1.23: stick wit da God who everytime awesome an no goin come poho bumbye.”
Rom 1.23: god dat look jalike one guy, no matta bumbye he goin come poho.
Rom 3.12: All togedda dey wen come poho.
Rom 3.31: You tink dat wen we trus God, dat mean we make God's Rules poho?
Rom 4.14: jus cuz a dat, den az no mean notting fo trus God, an poho da promise God wen make.
1Co 9.25: But us guys, wat we goin get no goin come poho eva.
1Co 13.3: Poho, wase time!
1Co 15.19: poho us guys!
2Co 12.1: I gotta talk big, no matta talking big goin poho.
Col 2.22: But den, all dat bumbye goin poho, same time dey doing um.”
Heb 6.9: bout peopo dat go da wrong way, jalike dat land dat stay poho.”
head: No Make To God's Boy Jalike He Poho
Heb 10.29: Get peopo dat make to God's Boy jalike he poho, jalike dey walking all ova him.
Heb 12.15: bad kine plant dat grow wild an make all da odda plants go poho.
1Pe 5.4: An yoa present no goin go poho, foeva.