Isa 14.30: Even da mos poor ones from my peopo, Da ones dat no mo notting, Dey goin
Isa 21.10: My Israel peopo, You poor guys stay all bus up, Jalike wen dey smash da wheat on top
Isa 24.13: wen dey cut da grapes An leave litto bit grape Fo da poor peopo da no mo notting.
Mat 26.11: Everytime goin get poor peopo stay wit you guys, but I no goin stay wit you guys
Mrk 10.21: Go sell all da stuffs you get, an give da money to da poor peopo.
Luk 1.48: da bad kine stuff I stay in, Cuz he wen tink bout me, his poor worka!
Act 9.36: Everytime she do good tings an help da poor peopo.
Act 10.2: He wen give plenny money fo da poor peopo, an everytime he pray to God.
Act 10.4: him fo do, an he rememba all da money you wen give fo da poor peopo.
Act 10.31: you pray, an he know bout all da money you wen give fo da poor peopo.
Act 24.17: come back to Jerusalem fo bring money fo my peopo, fo da poor peopo, an fo make sacrifice inside da temple.
Rom 15.26: side an Akaia side wen like give money fo kokua da poor peopo Jerusalem side dat stay spesho fo God.
1Co 13.3: wen sell all my stuffs an use da money fo give food to da poor peopo, an even sacrifice my body in da fire, but I no mo
2Co 8.9: Befo time he was rich, but he wen come poor fo help you guys, so dat you guys can come rich.
2Co 9.9: Da Bible wen say befo time, “God give stuffs to da poor peopo Wit good kine heart.
Gal 2.10: Ony one ting dey like us guys fo do: no foget fo kokua da poor peopo.
Php 2.7: He let um all go, so he can make himself one poor worka guy, an come jalike peopo.
head: Da Poor Peopo an da Rich Peopo
Jas 2.2: An da odda guy poor, an ony get puka kine clotheses.
Jas 2.3: But you tell da poor guy, “Eh, you!
Jas 2.5: dis world, an odda peopo tink dey notting, jus cuz dey poor peopo.
Jas 2.6: But you guys, you make any kine to da poor peopo.
Rev 2.9: he say: ‘I know you guys suffa plenny, an you guys stay poor, but still yet you guys stay rich!
Rev 13.16: everybody, da big an da small peopo, da rich peopo an da poor peopo, da slave guys an da peopo dat not slaves, he wen