head: Joseph Go Prison
head: God Take Care Joseph Inside Da Prison
Gen 40.3: a da army guys dat execute prisonas, fo keep um inside da prison.
Gen 40.3: Was da same prison wea Joseph stay inside.
Gen 40.4: Dey stay inside da prison long time, an da guy in charge a da army guys give Joseph
Gen 40.5: da two guys get dream nite time, wea dey stay inside da prison.
Gen 40.6: Morning time, Joseph go by dem inside da prison, an he look dem, an he see dat something stay bodda dem
Gen 40.7: fo Pharaoh befo time, an now dey stay wit Joseph inside da prison wea his boss stay in charge.
Gen 40.13: make up his mind dat you okay an no need stay inside da prison.
Gen 40.14: tell da Pharaoh guy bout me, an aks him fo get me outa dis prison too.
Gen 40.15: side, I neva do notting bad fo make um trow me inside dis prison ova hea!
head: Da Guy Dat Get Outa Prison Rememba Bout Joseph
Gen 41.10: You wen make me go prison.
Gen 41.14: Dey take um outa da prison, an afta he shave an change all his clotheses, he go by
Exo 12.29: catch, dat stay inside one big hole in da groun inside da prison, da numba one boy wen mahke, same ting.
2Ki 25.29: Cuz a dat, Coniah no need wea his prison kine clotheses no moa.
Neh 3.25: live befo time, da mauka side house nea to da yard dat da prison guard guys use.
Isa 42.7: no can see, Jalike you goin take out da peopo Inside one prison unda da groun, Da ones dat stay inside one dark place.
Isa 51.14: guys dat stay scared, Pretty soon dey goin come outa da prison.
Mat 14.3: grab John, an put chain on top um, an throw um inside da prison.”
Mat 14.10: So den dey wen chop off John Da Baptiza head inside da prison.
Mat 18.30: wait, so he tell da guards fo put da odda guy inside da prison till he can pay wat he owe him.
Mat 18.34: He give da guy to da guards inside da prison fo torture him, till he pay everyting he owe.’
Mat 21.46: An dey like grab him fo put him inside prison.”]
Mat 25.36: I wen stay inside da prison an you guys wen come see me.
Mat 25.39: Wen was dis, dat you was sick o inside da prison, an we wen come see you?
Mat 25.43: I was sick an inside da prison, an you guys neva bodda fo come see me.
Mat 25.44: new guy in town, o no mo clotheses, o sick, o inside da prison, an we neva come fo kokua you?
Mat 27.16: Had one guy name Barabbas dat stay inside da prison.
Mrk 1.14: Latas, King Herod wen throw John Da Baptiza Guy inside da prison.
Mrk 15.7: Had one guy name Barabbas dat stay inside da prison wit all da odda terrorist guys dat wen kill peopo wen dey
Luk 3.20: one ting mo worse, bumbye Herod goin throw John inside da prison.
Act 9.2: stick wit da Stuff bout Jesus, he can take dem inside da prison Jerusalem side.
Php 1.17: Dey figga prison awready bummas fo me.
Col 4.3: You know, I stay hea inside da prison cuz I telling peopo all dat kine stuff.
Col 4.10: He stay hea inside da prison too.
Col 4.18: No foget, I stay inside one prison.”
Rev 13.10: Whoeva suppose to go prison, Dey goin go prison!
Rev 13.10: Whoeva suppose to go prison, Dey goin go prison!