Gen 43.3: But Judah tell um, “Da main guy ova dea tell us guys serious kine, ‘Ony one way you guys goin see me one mo time.
Exo 5.1: He talking to you serious kine.
Exo 7.17: Yahweh, he talking to you serious kine.
Exo 28.40: kine hat, real good looking kine, dat show dat dis az serious kine stuff dey goin do.
Deu 32.42: army guys dat stay agains me, An no cut hair, fo show dey serious fo fight.
Neh 9.26: dat stay talk fo you, Yoa talka guys dat wen talk to dem serious kine Fo help um turn aroun An go come tight wit you again.
Neh 9.32: um, All da bad kine stuff we do, not small kine, But real serious fo oua king guys an ali`i guys, Oua pries guys an da
head: Dey Make Da Res Day Serious Kine
Isa 45.23: I wen make one serious promise, An I goin make shua da ting happen.
Isa 45.23: Erybody goin make serious promise An aks me fo make shua dey do um.
Isa 65.16: Whoeva in dis land make one serious kine promise, Dey goin aks me, da God You Can Trus, Fo
Jon 1.16: one animal fo make sacrifice to him, an dey make plenny serious kine promise, wat dey goin do fo him bumbye.
2Ti 2.14: You gotta tell um serious kine, jalike dey in front God.
2Ti 4.1: An right now I telling you serious kine fo do all dis stuff, jalike me an you stay standing
Heb 13.19: So I aksing you guys dis, serious kine: Try aks God fo let me go back by you guys real