Gen 12.10: So Abram, he go move house Egypt side short time, cuz hard time fo dem.
Gen 19.9: each odda, “Dis bugga, he not from hea, he ony live hea short time.”
Gen 20.1: Afta dat, he go Gerar town fo live short time.
Gen 32.16: But from one bunch animals to da nex bunch, wait short time fo go, so dey all no go same time.
Exo 6.4: land, da same place wea dey stay making house fo live dea short time.
Exo 13.17: road dat go strait to da Filisha peopo land, even was mo short.
Lev 25.23: da land az mines, an you guys stay live on top my land ony short time.
Lev 25.35: help one guy from odda place o one guy dat live nea you fo short time.
Lev 25.40: pay fo work fo you, o jalike one guy dat live nea you fo short time.
Lev 25.45: You guys can buy da peopo dat live nea you fo short time too, an peopo from dea ohanas dat wen born inside yoa
Lev 25.47: guy from odda place, o one guy dat live wit you guys fo short time, come rich, an one Jew no mo notting, so da Jew guy
Rut 2.7: Ony short time she go fo res ova dea by da shack.’
Ezr 9.8: “An jus now, you oua God Yahweh, you wen help us plenny fo short time an do good tings fo us.
Isa 28.20: get place fo hide, Jalike dey sleeping in one bed dass too short, Jalike dey using one blanket dass too small.”
Isa 41.19: Inside da Arabah Valley I goin put Tall pine tree, an short pine tree, An da cypress tree, all togedda.
Isa 54.7: Yahweh tell: “Eh ma peopo, Ony short time I wen leave you guys.”
Isa 54.8: I turn my face away so you no can see um Fo short time.
Isa 60.13: Wood from da tall pine tree, Da short pine tree, da cypress tree, All dis goin make Da place dat
Mat 24.22: But God goin make dat time mo short, so goin get peopo dat goin come out okay.
Mat 24.22: wen pick, dass why he goin make dat suffa plenny time mo short.
Mrk 13.20: If da Boss Up Dea neva make dat time mo short, nobody goin come out okay.
Mrk 13.20: da peopo da Boss wen pick, he goin make dat trouble mo short.
Luk 19.3: like see wat Jesus look like, but he no can see um, cuz he short, an get plenny odda peopo dat like see Jesus too.
1Co 7.5: You can fo short time, but ony if da husban an da wife tell each odda dey
1Co 16.7: good ony pass by you guys, cuz den I ony goin see you guys short time.
2Co 7.8: out dat my letta wen make you guys feel sad, but ony fo short time.
Heb 11.13: Dey ony staying short time ova hea.
Jas 4.14: You spock um one short time ony, an den, dey go way.