Exo 3.1: wen take da sheeps an goats way inside da boonies, Mount Sinai side.
Exo 16.1: you go way from Elim, firs you come by Sin, den you come Sinai Mountain.
Exo 17.6: (Horeb, dass one nodda name fo Mount Sinai, you know.
Exo 18.5: Moses stay make camp down side God's Mountain, dass Mount Sinai.)
head: Da Israel Peopo Go Mount Sinai
Exo 19.1: land, da same day get new moon, dey come inside da boonies Sinai side.
Exo 19.2: Afta dey go from Refidim to da boonies Sinai side, dey make camp ova dea inside da boonies, down side
Exo 19.2: dey make camp ova dea inside da boonies, down side Mount Sinai.
Exo 19.11: dat day, me, Yahweh, I goin come down on da top a Mount Sinai, inside one heavy cloud in front all da peopo.
head: God Come Down On Top Mount Sinai
Exo 19.18: All ova Mount Sinai, get plenny smoke, cuz Yahweh wen come down from inside
Exo 19.20: Dass how Yahweh wen come down to da top part a Mount Sinai.
Exo 19.23: Moses tell Yahweh, “Da peopo no can come up Mount Sinai.
Exo 24.17: Yahweh wen stay on top Mount Sinai, awesome to da max.”
Exo 31.18: tell Moses eryting he gotta do, ova dea on top Mount Sinai, he give Moses da two flat stone.
Exo 32.1: Wen da Israel peopo see Moses stay on top Mount Sinai long time, dey tinking, “How come dis guy Moses no come
head: Da Peopo Go Way From Mount Sinai
Exo 33.6: Dass why, from Mount Sinai all da way to dea land, da Israel peopo no wear jewelry
Exo 34.2: Be ready fo go up Mount Sinai morning time.
Exo 34.4: Early morning time, Moses get up an go up Mount Sinai, jalike Yahweh wen tell um fo do.”
head: Moses Come Back From Mount Sinai
Exo 34.28: Moses stay ova dea on top Mount Sinai wit Yahweh, forty days an forty nites.
Exo 34.29: Den Moses come back down from Mount Sinai.
Exo 34.32: wen tell Moses fo say, wen he stay up dea on top Mount Sinai.
Lev 7.38: Dass wat Yahweh wen tell Moses he gotta do, on top Mount Sinai, inside da Sinai boonies, da time Yahweh tell da Israel
Lev 7.38: wen tell Moses he gotta do, on top Mount Sinai, inside da Sinai boonies, da time Yahweh tell da Israel peopo dey gotta
Lev 25.1: Da time Moses stay up on top a Mount Sinai, Yahweh tell Moses fo tell da Israel peopo dis: “Wen you
Lev 26.46: peopo, an how fo teach, dat Yahweh tell Moses on top Mount Sinai, fo tell da Israel peopo.
Lev 27.34: Dese all da rules Yahweh wen tell Moses on top Mount Sinai, fo him tell da Israel peopo.
head: God Tell Da Peopo Fo Go Way From Mount Sinai
Deu 1.2: You know, fo go Mount Sinai to Kadesh Barnea, take eleven days, even if you go da long
Deu 1.6: He tell: “Wen us guys stay Mount Sinai side, oua God Yahweh wen tell us, ‘You guys stay ova hea
Deu 1.9: “Befo us guys leave Mount Sinai, I Moses wen tell you guys, az too hard fo me stay in
Deu 1.18: Mount Sinai time, I wen tell you guys eryting you guys gotta do.
Deu 1.19: jalike wat oua God Yahweh wen tell us, we go from Mount Sinai to da hills inside da Amor peopo's land.
Deu 4.10: da time you guys wen stand in front oua God Yahweh Mount Sinai side, wen he tell me, ‘Bring hea all da peopo togedda in
Deu 4.15: dat time he talk to you guys from inside da fire Mount Sinai side.
Deu 5.2: Oua God Yahweh wen make one deal wit us guys, Mount Sinai side.
Deu 9.8: Mount Sinai side, you guys wen make him come so plenny huhu dat he
Deu 18.16: wat you guys wen aks yoa God Yahweh fo do, dat time Mount Sinai side wen you guys stay all togedda.
Deu 29.1: peopo Moab side, an da deal he wen make wit dem befo Mount Sinai side.
Deu 33.2: Moses tell, “Yahweh wen come from Mount Sinai.
1Ki 8.9: Moses wen put inside dea wen da Israel peopo stay Mount Sinai afta dey come outa da Egypt land, wen Yahweh make da deal
head: Elijah Run Away Mount Sinai Side
1Ki 19.8: go forty day, day time an nite time, till he reach Mount Sinai, da mountain wea God stay.”
1Ki 19.9: Wen Elijah reach Mount Sinai, he go inside da cave dat get dea, an stay all nite.
1Ki 19.19: Den Elijah leave Mount Sinai.
Neh 9.13: “Wen dey stay Mount Sinai, You wen come down dea on top da mountain.
Mal 4.4: I wen teach him wat he gotta do, Mount Sinai side, So dat he can teach all da Israel peopo da Rules Fo
Act 7.30: bush dat stay burning in da boonies near da mountain name Sinai.
Act 7.38: guys, an wit da angel guy dat wen talk to him on top Sinai Mountain.
Gal 4.24: picha fo show da deal God wen make wit Moses on top Mount Sinai, wen God wen give Moses da Rules ova dea befo time.
Gal 4.25: Da wahine Hagar, she jalike Mount Sinai, Arabia side, da Rules place.
Heb 12.18: Dey wen come by Mount Sinai dat wen have burning fire an storm on top, an was real