Exo 1.19: da Pharaoh guy, “Eh, you know, da Israel wahines, dey not slow like da Egypt wahines.
Exo 34.6: I slow fo get mad.
Deu 7.10: He no goin be slow fo pay um back.
Deu 23.21: “If you make one strong promise to yoa God Yahweh, no be slow fo do um, cuz he goin make shua you do um.
2Ki 4.24: No go slow fo me!
2Ki 4.24: Ony if I tell you, go slow!
Isa 8.6: I do good tings fo dem, Jalike I give um da watta Dat run slow inside da Siloam watta place.”
Isa 33.12: burn Jalike wen you pile up coral rock an wood An burn um slow, fo make lime fo plasta.
Dan 2.8: king tell um, “Fo shua, I know dat you guys trying fo make slow fo get mo time, cuz you know dat I no change wat I wen
Mrk 2.4: Dey put da guy on top his mat an put um down real slow in front Jesus.
Act 27.7: Plenny days we wen go slow, an had hard time fo come by Knidus Island.
Heb 12.1: So we gotta hemo all da stuff dat make us run slow, you know, da bad kine stuff dat jam us all up.
2Pe 3.9: Get peopo, dey tink he real slow, but he not!