Lev 15.8: “If da guy get stuff coming out, an he spit on top somebody dat can come in front me, dat guy gotta
Deu 25.9: him in front da older leadas, take off one a his slippas, spit in his face, an tell, ‘Dis wat oua peopo do to one guy dat
Isa 50.6: I no hide from da guys dat like make me shame An spit on my face.
Mat 26.67: Den dey spit on top Jesus face, an punch him, an some guys slap his
Mat 27.30: An dey spit on top him, an take da stick an wack him on top his head
Mrk 7.33: Den he wen stick his finga inside da guy's ears, an spit, an touch da guy's tongue.
Mrk 8.23: Jesus wen spit on da guy's eyes, an put his hands on top him, an tell
Mrk 10.34: Dey goin make fun a me, an spit on top me, an whip me, an kill me.
Mrk 14.65: Den some guys spit on top him, an dey cover his eyes wit one cloth, an punch
Mrk 15.19: An dey wack him on top his head wit one bamboo, an spit on top him.
Luk 18.32: Dey goin make fun a me, an talk any kine to me, an spit on me, an whip me hard, an kill me.
Jhn 9.6: Afta Jesus say dat, he wen spit on top da dirt, an make some mud.