Gen 11.6: Wit dis towa, dis peopo ony starting fo do stuff!
Amo 7.1: Da small grass, jus starting fo come up.
Mat 23.35: any kine guys who wen everytime do wat dey suppose to, starting from Abel all da way to Zekariah, he Barakiah's boy.
Mrk 1.35: Early in da morning, wen starting fo get light, Jesus wen get up an go outa da house.
Mrk 10.17: Wen Jesus was starting fo go, one guy wen run up by him, an go down on his knees
Luk 4.42: In da morning wen starting fo get light, Jesus go one place wea neva have nobody.
2Co 3.1: If you guys tink we starting fo talk big bout ourself some moa, we not!
2Pe 2.18: Get peopo dat wen go da wrong way, but now dey starting fo come back da right way litto bit.