Gen 28.12: Inside da dream, he see jalike had stone steps from on top da groun all da way up inside da sky.
Gen 28.12: messenja guys from God going up an coming down on top da steps!
Exo 20.26: No make big alta fo me wit steps fo go up, cuz no good you let somebody see yoa privates
1Ki 10.19: Da throne get six steps.
2Ki 9.13: take off dea robes an spread dem in front him on top da steps.”
2Ki 16.12: Damascus side, he see da altar, an go by um, an go up da steps.
Neh 3.15: come out, to da King's Park, an from dea to da stone steps dat go down from King David's Town.
Neh 9.4: Sherebiah, da odda Bani, an Kenani -- stay stand on top da steps dat go up to da stage, an dey talk real loud an strong,
Neh 12.37: Wen dey come to da Fountain Gate, dey go strait up da steps on top da wall wea da wall go up da hill to David's Town,
Act 21.40: main captain wen let um talk, an Paul wen stand on top da steps, an wen wave his hand to da peopo.