Gen 24.27: An same ting fo me too, Yahweh show me wea fo go, strait to da peopo from my boss guy ohana, jalike I suppose to!
Gen 24.49: An if you guys no like, tell me strait, an I go odda place.
Gen 30.33: An bumbye, you know an can tell dat I make strait wit you.
Exo 3.6: Wen Moses hea dis, he cova his face, cuz he scared fo look strait at God.
Exo 6.12: But Moses, he talk strait wit Yahweh.
Exo 6.30: But Moses, he talk strait to Yahweh.
Exo 13.17: let da Israel peopo go, God neva take dem da road dat go strait to da Filisha peopo land, even was mo short.
Exo 15.8: Da flood watta stand up strait, Jalike get one wall fo da waves.
Exo 20.21: But Moses, he go strait ova dea, nea da dark cloud wea God stay.”
Exo 25.31: Make da bottom wit da main piece dat go strait up, an da side pieces too, wit cup dat look like da bud a
Exo 35.31: Bezalel get da kine spirit inside him dat come strait from God, so he real smart fo know how fo make eryting, an
Exo 37.17: Dey make da bottom, an da main piece go strait up, an da side piece wit cup dat look like da bud fo one
Lev 19.17: Wen anodda guy do someting wrong, tell um az wrong strait out, so you no get da blame wit him.
Lev 26.13: top you guys neck, so dat you guys can walk wit yoa head strait up an no need get shame.
Deu 5.4: Yahweh talk strait wit you guys right dea, from inside da fire on top da
1Ki 6.24: Dea wings was 7 feet 6 inch, both side, an dey stick out strait, so come 15 feet wide wit da wings.
1Ki 6.27: Dea wings stick out strait to da side, so dey touch da wall wit one wing, an dey
1Ki 8.47: But den, yoa peopo goin turn aroun An start fo tink strait, Ova dea inside da land Wea dey stay prisnas.
1Ki 14.15: goin smash all da Israel peopo so dey no goin stand up strait, jalike wen you smash one plant dat grow inside one riva.
2Ki 9.12: Tell us strait!”
2Ki 21.13: pull da same string fo find out if da Jerusalem peopo stay strait.
Neh 1.6: I stay tell you strait, us Israel peopo wen do plenny bad kine tings agains you.
Neh 12.37: Wen dey come to da Fountain Gate, dey go strait up da steps on top da wall wea da wall go up da hill to
Neh 13.25: I tell dem strait, “Az wrong!
Isa 3.8: know, da peopo inside Jerusalem, Jalike dey no can walk strait.
Isa 19.4: Dat word come strait from Yahweh Da Boss, Da God Ova All Da Armies!
Isa 19.14: him da one wen make da Egypt peopo So dey no can tink strait.
Isa 22.15: Tell um strait: ‘Wassa matta you?
Isa 28.17: dey pull one odda string Fo check out if da building stay strait.
Isa 31.9: Dis word come strait from Yahweh: Wea can see da light from his fire Inside da
Isa 40.3: Strait thru da Arabah Valley, Make one big road fo our God!”
Isa 45.19: Wat I tell, I tell um strait.”
Isa 51.17: you, An you drink da whole ting, An you you no can walk strait cuz a dat.
Isa 63.1: He march strait, an he plenny strong!
Isa 63.12: open da watta on da two side So da peopo can go walk thru, Strait thru da middo.
Dan 8.6: two horn dat stay standing by da side a da canal, an run strait fo um.
Amo 5.10: Anybody dat talk strait in front da judge, You guys make to dem jalike dey junk.
Amo 7.7: pull one string fo check out da wall an make shua he stay strait.
Amo 7.8: da house builda guy pull fo check out if da wall stay strait.
Amo 7.8: ‘I tell you dis: My peopo, da Israel peopo, dey no stay strait inside!’
Mat 3.3: Make um strait fo him!
Mat 3.6: Dey telling strait out all da kine bad stuff dey wen do, an he baptizing dem
Mat 7.23: I goin tell um strait, ‘Who you?
Mat 9.30: Den Jesus tell um strait, “You guys betta not tell nobody notting bout dis.”
Mat 12.6: I tell you strait, get one guy ova hea mo importan den dat temple.
Mat 12.36: I tell you guys strait, da day every guy stand in front God da Judge, he gotta
Mat 19.26: Jesus look strait at dem, an tell, “No mo nobody dat can do um, but ony God,
Mrk 1.3: Make um strait fo him!
Mrk 1.5: Dey wen tell um strait out all da bad kine stuff dey wen do, an he wen baptize um
Mrk 10.27: Jesus look strait at dem an tell, “No mo nobody dat can do um, but ony God,
Luk 3.4: Make um strait fo him!
Luk 3.5: Da crooked roads, dey goin make um strait, An da rough kine place, dey goin make um nice.’
Luk 13.11: She was bent ova an no can stand up strait.
Luk 13.13: his hands on top her, an right den an dea she wen stand up strait an tell how awesome God stay.
Luk 20.21: watching him tell him, “Eh, Teacha, we know dat you talk strait an wat you say an teach stay true.
Luk 22.56: She look strait at him, an tell da odda guys, “Dis guy was wit Jesus!
Jhn 1.20: He tell um strait out, “Lissen!”
Jhn 1.23: Make um strait fo him!”
Jhn 8.7: So wen dey stay aks him ova an ova, he stand up strait an tell um, “If get one a you guys dat neva do bad kine
Jhn 10.24: Tell us strait if you da Christ guy, da Spesho Guy From God!
Jhn 11.14: Den Jesus tell um strait, “Lazarus mahke awready.”
Jhn 16.25: Den I goin tell you strait out bout my Fadda.
Jhn 16.29: Now you talking strait out, an not ony teaching wit stories!”
Act 9.11: Da Boss wen tell, “Go da guy Judas house on Strait Street, an tell him you like talk to one guy name Saul
Act 16.11: We wen sail from Troas strait to Samotrace.
Act 21.1: Afta us guys wen go way from dem, we wen sail strait to Cos Island.
Act 23.1: Paul wen look strait at da main leada guys an say, “My bruddas, I know dat I
Act 26.26: know dat you, da king, know bout dis stuff, an I can talk strait to you.
head: God Da Judge Goin Tell Um Strait
Rom 10.9: Dat mean, if you talk strait wit yoa own mout, “Jesus, he my Boss,” an you trus deep
Rom 10.10: An az wit yoa mout dat you talk strait everybody dat Jesus stay yoa Boss, an den God goin hemo
Rom 10.20: Isaiah wen come strong fo tell um strait inside da Bible dat God wen say, “Da peopo dat no look fo
Rom 11.12: Kay den -- bumbye, all da Jewish peopo goin come strait wit God, an den, everyting goin come mo betta still yet!
Rom 11.22: He goin punish hard da guys dat no get um strait wit him.
head: Da Israel Peopo Goin Get Um Strait Wit God
Rom 14.4: His Boss da ony One dat can tell um strait wen he stay okay o wen he stay mess up.
Rom 14.5: Everybody gotta figga strait out how he tink.
Rom 14.22: Dis wat I mean: wen you an God go make um strait inside yoa mind how you goin trus him, dat dis kine food
1Co 2.7: Us guys, we teach ony da smart kine stuff dat come strait from God.
1Co 9.26: Me, I like run an go strait fo da finish!
1Co 10.15: I telling you dis, cuz I know you guys can tink strait.
1Co 12.28: Odda peopo can put tings togedda strait.
2Co 3.12: New Deal goin stay foeva, dass why we no mo shame fo talk strait out.
2Co 4.2: stuff bout wat God say, but we goin teach da true stuff strait out.
2Co 5.13: An if we talking strait, we do um fo help you guys.
2Co 6.11: You guys inside Corint, we talking strait to you guys.
2Co 10.1: You guys tink I shame fo talk strait out wen I stay wit you guys, but I no mo shame fo talk
2Co 10.1: out wen I stay wit you guys, but I no mo shame fo talk strait out wen I stay one far place?
2Co 10.2: So wen I come ova dea, I tink I gotta talk strait to dem guys.
Gal 3.1: Befo time we wen tell you guys strait out da Good Stuff bout how odda guys wen kill Jesus Christ
Eph 1.3: cuz he put all kine good stuff inside our hearts, all dat strait from wea God stay inside da sky.
Eph 2.8: da bad kine stuff you guys stay in, if you guys trus God strait out.
1Th 4.6: We wen tell you guys strait, “You guys betta not fool aroun!
1Ti 4.1: God's Spirit say strait out dat bumbye befo da world pau some peopo no goin trus
Tit 1.6: Anybody dat one leada, dey gotta be real strait, so dat nobody can poin finga.
Tit 1.7: Da guy dat stay in charge, he suppose to be real strait too, cuz he get da job fo take care tings fo God, an den,
Tit 3.8: Da guys dat trus God awready, you gotta tell um strait, so dey lissen an no foget.
Heb 12.13: An, “Make da way wea you going stay strait fo yoa feet,” so you can come strong inside.
Heb 12.20: God wen tell um strait, “No let notting go on top da mountain!”
Jas 3.6: An dat kine fire come strait from Hell.
1Pe 1.13: Make shua yoa head stay strait.