Gen 17.19: But I talking bout yoa wife Sarah.”
Gen 19.8: Ony no do wat you talking bout to dese guys, cuz dey come from odda place an dey wen
Gen 19.21: I no goin bus up dat small town you talking about.
Gen 27.5: Same time Isaac stay talking to his boy Esau, Rebecca wen hear dem.
Gen 27.6: Rebecca tell her odda boy Jacob, “I wen hear yoa fadda talking wit yoa brudda Esau.
Gen 29.9: Jacob an da guys still talking, an Rachel come dea wit all her fadda sheeps, cuz she da
Gen 31.1: One time, Jacob wen find out dat Laban boys was talking, “Eh!
Gen 37.10: He tell um, “Wat dream you talking bout?
Gen 37.17: I wen hear um talking, ‘Eh!”
Gen 38.21: Dey tell da Adullam guy, “Wat you talking bout?
Gen 39.9: No way I goin go agains God an do dis real bad ting you talking bout!
Gen 42.23: guys, dey neva know dat Joseph undastan eryting dey stay talking.
Gen 44.5: I talking bout da special cup fo wine dat my boss use fo drink.
Gen 44.7: How come you talking lidat?
Gen 44.7: Us not da kine peopo dat do da kine stuff you talking bout.
Gen 45.12: wit his own eyes too, dat dis me fo real kine, dat stay talking to you guys.’
Gen 46.2: up, an he wen see someting jalike one dream, dat God was talking to him.
Exo 3.8: I talking bout da place wea da Canaan peopo, da Het peopo, da Amor
Exo 5.1: He talking to you serious kine.
Exo 5.2: Who you talking bout, wen you say ‘Yahweh,’ aah?”
Exo 5.8: Dass why dey talking, ‘Us guys like go inside da boonies fo make sacrifice fo
Exo 6.8: I goin take you guys ova dea, da same place I was talking bout dat time I wen make strong promise to Abraham an
Exo 7.17: Yahweh, he talking to you serious kine.
Exo 20.2: “Dis me, Yahweh, yoa God, talking.
Exo 29.46: Dass me, Yahweh, dea God, dass talking.
Exo 32.13: goin come from you, I goin give um da whole land dat I was talking about, fo come dea land foeva.
Exo 33.9: sky come down an stay by da door, all da time Yahweh stay talking wit Moses.
Exo 33.11: Yahweh, he stay talk wit Moses, jalike wen one guy stay talking togedda wit his friend.
Exo 34.29: on top, Moses neva know his face stay shining cuz he was talking wit God.
Lev 10.3: Den Moses tell Aaron, “Dis wat Yahweh talking bout wen he tell: ‘Wen pries guys come nea me, Dey gotta
Deu 4.33: No mo anybody eva hear God talking from inside da fire jalike you guys wen hear, an still yet
Deu 32.15: Eh, I talking bout you Israel peopo!
Deu 34.10: Yahweh wen know Joshua, jalike wen one guy stay talking wit his friend.
Rut 1.18: no goin change her mind, an she going wit her, Na`omi stop talking.
1Ki 1.22: Right den an dea, wen Batsheba stay talking wit da King, Nathan da guy dat talk fo God come inside
1Ki 13.2: Da guy yell jalike he talking stink to da altar, cuz Yahweh wen tell um wat fo say.
2Ki 2.11: Wen dey stay walking an talking togedda, right den an dea one war wagon on fire an horses
2Ki 7.10: No can hear nobody talking.
Est 6.6: Now Haman stay tinking, “Fo shua, az me he talking bout, cuz no mo nobody da king get mo respeck fo den me!”
Isa 6.12: No stop talking till me, Yahweh, Send all da peopo far away place, An get
Isa 18.6: he use da pruning shear, Den he throw um away, Eh, I talking bout Assyria, you know!”
Isa 29.4: You guys goin sound jalike one mahke guy Talking from da groun an no can hear, O jalike one small bird on
Isa 42.19: Wen I talk bout somebody dat no can see, Who you tink I talking bout?
Isa 42.19: I talking bout my peopo, dat work fo me!
Isa 49.20: away oua peopo, Bumbye you Jerusalem peopo goin hear dem, Talking plenny to each odda.
Isa 57.4: Who you talking about wen you stay make fun a dem?
Isa 65.24: Wen dey still talking, I hear awready.
Dan 4.24: Mo Importan Den All Da Odda Gods, tell gotta happen, an he talking bout you, my boss da king.’
Dan 8.13: Den I hear two angel guys talking, dat stay spesho fo God.
Dan 10.9: Den I hear da awesome guy talking, an wen I lissen him, I pass out sleep, wit my face on top
Amo 3.1: I talking fo God, cuz Yahweh telling dis to you guys, da whole ohana
Amo 7.17: But cuz you talking lidat, dis wat Yahweh say: ‘Yoa wife, she goin come one
Amo 8.11: But I not talking bout hungry like fo bread O thirsty like fo watta.
Amo 8.11: Me, Yahweh, I talking bout dis: Dey goin like hear all da tings I wen tell befo,
Mat 3.3: Befo time, da guy who talk fo God, Isaiah, was talking bout John wen he say dis: “He goin talk real loud inside
Mat 9.18: He stay talking to dem, an one leada guy wen go dea an go down in front
Mat 10.20: Dat time goin be his Spirit talking, not you guys.
Mat 12.15: Jesus wen know wat dey talking bout, so he go way from ova dea.
Mat 12.19: Nobody goin hear him talking loud in da street.
Mat 12.46: Wen Jesus stay talking to da peopo, had his mudda an brudda guys ova dea too,
Mat 15.7: Da guy Isaiah wen talk fo God long time ago, an fo shua he talking bout you guys!
Mat 16.7: Jesus guys talking, an trying fo figga out wat he mean.
Mat 16.7: Dey say, “He talking lidat cuz we neva bring da food.”
Mat 16.8: Jesus wen know wat dey talking bout, an he say, “Eh!
Mat 16.11: How come you guys no undastan dat I no talking bout food?
Mat 16.12: Den dey wen undastan dat he not talking bout da yeast inside da bread.
Mat 17.3: from long time befo wen come outa no wea, an dey stay talking wit Jesus.
Mat 17.5: Peter still talking, an you know wat?
Mat 21.45: an da Pharisee guys hear da stories, dey know Jesus was talking bout dem.
Mat 22.15: Den da Pharisee guys wen start talking togedda how dey goin catch Jesus from wat he goin tell um.
Mat 26.22: guy tell um, one afta da odda, “Boss, eh, fo shua you not talking bout me, yeah?
Mat 26.25: who goin set him up, he say, “Teacha, eh, fo shua you not talking bout me, yeah?
Mat 26.47: Wen Jesus still talking, Judas, one a his twelve guys, wen come ova dea.
Mat 26.70: I donno wat you talking bout!”
Mrk 2.7: He talking stink bout God!
Mrk 5.35: Jesus still talking, an some guys wen come from Jairus house, da leada guy fo
Mrk 7.6: guy Isaiah wen talk fo God long time ago, an fo shua he talking bout you guys!
Mrk 8.16: Jesus guys talking, an trying fo figga out wat he mean.
Mrk 8.16: Dey say, “He talking lidat cuz we neva bring bread.”
Mrk 8.17: Jesus wen know wat dey talking bout, an he say, “Wat you guys talking bout, no mo bread?
Mrk 8.17: wen know wat dey talking bout, an he say, “Wat you guys talking bout, no mo bread?
Mrk 9.4: Moses from long time ago wen come outa no wea, an dey stay talking wit Jesus.
Mrk 11.31: Dey talking to demself.
Mrk 12.12: dem was tinking how dey can bus him, cuz dey know he was talking bout dem.
Mrk 12.28: He hear dem talking, an he know dat Jesus wen shut up da Sadducee guys.
Mrk 13.11: Dat time goin be God's Spesho Spirit talking, not you.
Mrk 14.19: real sad, an each guy tell him, “Boss, eh, fo shua you not talking bout me, yeah?
Mrk 14.43: Wen Jesus still talking, Judas, one a his twelve guys, wen come.
Mrk 14.68: I donno wat you talking bout!”
Mrk 14.71: me if I no tell you guys da trut: I donno who you guys talking bout!
Luk 5.25: wen get up in front all dem guys, take da mat, an go home, talking shaka stuff bout God.
Luk 8.49: Wen Jesus still talking, one guy come from Jairus house, an say, “Yoa girl mahke
Luk 9.30: two guys, Moses an Elijah, come outa no wea, an dey stay talking wit Jesus.
Luk 9.34: Wen Peter still talking, one cloud wen come an cover um.”
Luk 11.49: Dass why God wen know wat he talking bout wen he say, ‘I goin send um guys dat talk fo me, an
Luk 18.43: Right den an dea da guy wen see, an he wen go wit Jesus, talking bout how awesome God.
Luk 22.24: Da guys stay talking wit each odda.
Luk 22.47: Wen Jesus still talking, plenny peopo come ova dea.
Luk 22.60: But Peter wen say, “Eh, brah, I donno wat you talking bout!”
Luk 22.60: Peter still talking, an da roosta wen make noise.”
Luk 24.15: So dey talking lidat, an you know wat?
Luk 24.17: He aks um, “Wat you guys stay talking bout now wen you walking?
Luk 24.32: Our hearts was beating fast, all da time he stay talking wit us on top da road, an wen he showing us da stuff from
Jhn 2.21: But Jesus was talking bout his body, cuz his body jalike one temple.
Jhn 3.11: Fo shua, I tell you dis too: I know wat I talking bout.”
Jhn 3.29: dea, an he stay real good inside wen he hear da groom talking.
Jhn 4.26: Jesus tell her, “I da Guy, da One dat stay talking to you.
Jhn 5.39: Bible talk bout how fo get da real kine life, dass me he talking bout.
Jhn 6.52: Dey say, “Eh, wat dis guy talking bout?
Jhn 7.12: All da peopo stay talking bout him to each odda.
Jhn 7.26: He stay talking hea in front everybody, an nobody tell him fo shut his
Jhn 8.22: So da Jewish leada guys say, “Wat he talking bout?
Jhn 9.37: Dass me, da guy talking to you.”
Jhn 10.33: leada guys tell him, “We throw stones at you cuz you talking stink God, not cuz you wen do good kine stuff.
Jhn 10.35: So, if God wen call dem guys he talking to ‘gods,’ how you guys can say dat I talking stink bout
Jhn 10.36: dem guys he talking to ‘gods,’ how you guys can say dat I talking stink bout God, cuz I wen say dat I God's Boy?
Jhn 11.13: Jesus mean he mahke die dead, but his guys tink he talking bout rest an sleep.”
Jhn 12.34: Who dis Guy Dass Fo Real dat you talking bout?
Jhn 13.18: “I not talking bout all you guys.
Jhn 13.22: His guys wen look at each odda, an dey no can figga who he talking bout.
Jhn 13.24: Try find out who he talking bout.
Jhn 16.17: a da guys he wen teach wen tell each odda, “Eh, wass he talking bout?
Jhn 16.18: We donno wat he talking bout.
Jhn 16.29: Now you talking strait out, an not ony teaching wit stories!”
Act 2.7: Da guys dat stay talking, dey from Galilee, yeah?
Act 4.1: Peter an John was still yet talking wit da peopo, wen da pries guys, da captain fo da security
Act 4.20: Cuz us guys, we no can stop talking bout da stuff we wen see an hear.”
Act 8.34: Da guy wen tell Philip, “Please, tell me who Isaiah stay talking bout.
Act 8.34: He talking bout himself o one nodda guy?”
Act 10.27: Peter stay talking to him, an dey go inside da house.
Act 10.44: Wen Peter still talking lidat, God's Spesho Spirit wen take charge a all da peopo
Act 10.46: Cuz dey hear um talking in odda languages an saying good stuff bout God.
Act 12.22: Da peopo wen yell, “Dis one god talking, not one guy talking!
Act 12.22: Da peopo wen yell, “Dis one god talking, not one guy talking!
Act 22.17: I wen see someting jalike one dream, an see da Boss talking.
Act 23.4: Da guys dat stand near Paul wen say, “Eh, you talking bad to God's Head Priest guy!
Act 28.22: We know dat da peopo all ova da place stay talking agains dis stuff you teach.
Rom 1.4: You know, I stay talking bout Jesus Christ.
Rom 1.8: I feel good inside cuz all ova da world get peopo talking bout da way you guys trus God.”
Rom 1.25: I stay talking bout God.”
Rom 3.5: (Dass how some peopo stay talking, you know.
Rom 3.8: Even get some peopo dat stay talking stink bout us an tell odda peopo dat we say, “Eh, we go do
Rom 6.19: Fo tell you guys all dis, I stay talking da way everybody stay talk to each odda, cuz you guys ony
1Co 1.10: I talking fo our Boss Jesus Christ wen I beg you guys fo tink da
1Co 1.12: Sound like you guys stay talking lidis: One guy say dis, “Me, I stick wit Paul!
1Co 2.4: No matta I was teaching, o I was talking to plenny guys, same ting, aah?
1Co 5.10: I no stay talking bout da peopo inside da world dat donno God, o da peopo
1Co 7.12: An fo da odda guys, I like tell um dis (dass me talking, not da Boss): If one Christian brudda get one wife dat no
1Co 9.8: You guys tink I say all dis stuff, cuz I talking jalike da odda peopo?”
1Co 9.10: Mo like he talking bout us guys too, fo help us!”
1Co 13.1: I ony talking rubbish kine, jalike one junk kine bell o one kalangalang
1Co 14.2: But da guy no stay talking to da peopo dea.
1Co 14.2: He talking to God.
1Co 14.3: he stay talking to da peopo dea.
1Co 14.4: Da guy dat talking diffren kine language, he ony making himself mo strong
1Co 14.5: if you get somebody fo tell wat da guy mean wen he talking lidat.
1Co 14.6: If I come by you guys, an I stay talking diffren kine language, how dat goin help you guys, aah?
1Co 14.9: Fo you guys, same ting wen you stay talking diffren kine language -- if you no say stuff dass easy fo
1Co 14.9: stuff dass easy fo peopo fo undastan, you know, you ony talking to da air.
1Co 14.11: But if I donno wat dea language mean, da peopo dat stay talking lidat, I goin know dat dey not from my peopo, an dey goin
1Co 14.13: So den, da guy dat stay talking diffren kine language, he suppose to aks God fo da power
1Co 14.13: to aks God fo da power fo tell wat he mean wen he stay talking da odda language.
1Co 14.14: Me, if I stay talking diffren kine language wen I pray, I stay praying inside my
1Co 14.19: Dass mo betta den if I say uku paila words, talking diffren kine language dat dey no can undastan, yeah?
1Co 14.23: If all you guys come togedda fo church, an you all talking diffren kine language, an get some peopo dat come inside
1Co 14.24: But if all you guys stay talking fo God, an one guy dat no trus God come inside dea, o one
1Co 14.26: God like tell dat was secret befo time, o someting fo say talking diffren kine language, o dey can tell wat da odda peopo
1Co 14.30: now da guy like tell wat God show um, den da guy dat stay talking fo God suppose to stop.
1Co 14.35: if da wahines stay talking wen God's peopo come togedda fo church!
1Co 15.27: wen he say “everyting get him fo boss” -- fo shua, he not talking bout God, da One dat wen make him be da boss ova
1Co 15.34: I talking lidis fo make you guys shame.
2Co 5.13: Maybe you guys tink dat we talking lolo kine.
2Co 5.13: An if we talking strait, we do um fo help you guys.
2Co 6.11: You guys inside Corint, we talking strait to you guys.
2Co 10.1: Dis yoa brudda Paul talking.
2Co 11.10: An nobody ova dea Akaia side can shut me up fo talking big bout all dat stuff.
2Co 11.17: Wat I telling you guys now, I sound jalike one lolo head talking, but da Boss Up Dea neva tell me fo say dat.
2Co 11.18: Get plenny guys talking big jalike da peopo inside da world talk big, so I goin
2Co 11.21: I talking jalike one lolo head, you know.
2Co 12.1: I gotta talk big, no matta talking big goin poho.
2Co 12.19: Eh, you guys was tinking long time we ony talking fo ourself, yeah?
2Co 13.3: Plus, you guys like me show proof dat Christ stay talking wen I stay talking.
2Co 13.3: guys like me show proof dat Christ stay talking wen I stay talking.
Gal 5.2: Dis me Paul, talking to you guys.
Eph 2.2: You guys wen like lissen to da Bad Guy, I talking bout da guy dass da leada fo all da bad kine spirits up
1Th 5.27: I aks you guys dis, cuz I talking fo da Boss: Make shua you read dis letta to all da peopo
1Ti 3.13: Guy God Wen Send, cuz dey trus him, an dey know wat dey talking bout.
Tit 1.11: Gotta stop um from talking lidat.
Tit 2.8: betta be solid, so dat nobody can say you donno wat you talking bout.
Heb 2.5: We talking bout da new world dass goin come.
Heb 3.13: Cuz now, dass da “Today” God talking bout inside da Bible.
Heb 3.16: Who da peopo he talking bout dat wen go agains Moses, afta dey wen hear wat he
Heb 3.17: who he talking bout?
Heb 3.18: Who da peopo God talking bout wen he wen make dis strong promise: “No way dem guys
Heb 4.8: David not talking bout da time Joshua wen take da peopo inside da land, you
Heb 7.13: Now Jesus, he da guy we talking bout.
Heb 7.15: (I talking bout Jesus, you know.
Heb 10.8: Wen Christ talk lidat, he talking bout da stuff da peopo doing cuz da Rules say dey suppose
Heb 10.12: But dis pries I talking bout, Christ, he wen make da sacrifice fo da bad kine
Heb 11.4: No matta Abel mahke, he still yet stay talking to us guys, cuz he wen trus God.
Heb 11.20: Wen he say dat, he talking bout da tings dat goin happen bumbye.
Heb 12.25: Make shua you guys lissen God, da One dass talking.
Heb 12.25: we goin get it, if we no lissen da One from da sky wen he talking to us!
Jas 3.8: You no like stop talking bad kine stuff, an wat you say can kill you, you know,
1Pe 1.12: Spirit wen show da talka guys dat all dat kine stuff dey talking bout, no goin happen fo dem, but bumbye goin happen fo you
1Jn 2.22: Who da bulaia guys I talking bout?
1Jn 5.16: I talking bout da bad kine tings dat peopo do, but dat no make um
Rev 1.12: I wen turn aroun fo see who was talking to me, an wen I wen turn, I see seven gold stands fo put
Rev 4.1: He was talking to me, an he say, “Eh, come up hea!
Rev 13.6: Da Wild Animal stay talking any kine an talking stink bout God an da place wea God
Rev 13.6: Da Wild Animal stay talking any kine an talking stink bout God an da place wea God stay, an everybody dat
Rev 19.17: He was talking loud to da scavenja birds flying in da air, “Come hea fo