Gen 25.29: Esau, he come back from the boonies, an he real tired an hungry.
Gen 49.30: Dass the land dat Abraham wen buy fo bury his peopo dea, from Efron
Exo 7.12: Ery one a dem throw down dea walking stick, an all the sticks come snake.
Lev 6.28: But if stay cook inside one metal pot, gotta scrape the pot an rinse um wit watta real good.
2Ki 10.25: The guard guys an da officer guys throw da bodies outside.”
Ezr 7.6: Az why King Artaxerxes wen give Ezra eryting he aks the king fo give him.
Neh 1.2: I aks dem bout Jerusalem town, an bout the Jewish peopo dat da Babylon army wen go take Babylon side
Neh 6.17: Some a da ali`i guys from the Judah ohana wen send lettas to Tobiah, an Tobiah send
Isa 1.24: Dass why dis wat Yahweh the Boss, Da God Ova All Da Armies, Da Strong One dat help da
Isa 23.10: Jalike da Nile River go all ova Egypt, From one end to the odda end, Cuz no mo notting make you stay one place no
Isa 54.3: Cuz you guys goin need mo plenny room, On the right side an da left side.