Exo 22.6: “If get one fire, an da fire go burn da thorn bush fence, an burn some odda guy field, o da wheat dat
2Ki 14.9: to Amaziah, da Judah king: “You, you jalike one small thorn bush on top da Lebanon mountains, dat send one message to
2Ki 14.9: from da Lebanon mountains come by dea, an smash down da thorn bush.”
Isa 27.5: But even da thorn an sticka kine peopo, Dey can come tight wit me An let me
Isa 32.13: Cry fo my peopo's land Dat ony get thorns an thorn bush growing!
Isa 33.12: An jalike wen you cut down plenny thorn bush An dey burn real fast.
Isa 34.13: Dea palaces goin get thorn bush grow all ova da place.
Isa 55.13: Goin get pine tree Wea befo time get ony thorn bush, An flowa bush, Wea befo time get ony thistle.
Jhn 19.2: Da army guys wen twist togedda big kine thorn branches fo make one crown, an dey put um on top his head.
2Co 12.7: stay jalike one messenja from da Devil, jalike one sharp thorn inside my body.