Gen 22.9: Den he go tie up his boy Isaac an put him on top da alta, on top da
Gen 37.7: Da wheat plants I wen tie, go stand up!
Gen 37.7: Den da odda wheat plants you guys wen tie, make circle around mines, an go down in front my wheat fo
Gen 38.18: dat you use fo put yoa mark on top stuff, an da string fo tie da ring aroun da neck, and da walking stick you carry.”
Gen 38.25: Get one ring fo make mark, an da string fo tie da ring aroun da neck, and one walking stick.”
Gen 38.28: Da wahine dat helping Tamar, she grab da hand an tie one piece red string on top, fo show dat was da bebe dat
Gen 38.30: Da odda brudda dat get da red string tie on top his hand, he come out afta.”
Gen 42.24: pick one a da brudda guys, Simeon, an he tell his guys fo tie up Simeon in front da odda brudda guys.
Gen 46.29: Joseph tell his guys fo tie da horses to his fancy horse wagon.
Gen 49.11: “Judah get plenny grape farm, So he no lose notting if he tie his donkey to one grape plant, An da bebe donkey, he tie
Gen 49.11: tie his donkey to one grape plant, An da bebe donkey, he tie um to da plant dat get da bestes grape.
Exo 12.22: Tie togedda some oregano plants fo make jalike one brush, an
Exo 13.9: Goin be jalike someting you tie on top yoa forehead, fo you no foget notting.’
Exo 28.28: Tie da ches piece wit blue wool string, from da bottom ches
Exo 28.28: Tie um so da ches piece stay right on top da fancy waist band,
Exo 28.37: Tie one blue wool string an put um on da hat from da front, so
Exo 29.5: Da fancy kine band dass da bottom part a da ves, tie um aroun Aaron waist.
Exo 29.9: Den tie da sashes on top Aaron an his boys too.
Exo 32.27: Go get yoa swords an tie um on top yoa belt.
Exo 39.21: Dey tie da ches piece wit da blue wool string, from da ches piece
Exo 39.21: Dey tie um so da ches piece stay right on top da fancy waist band,
Exo 39.31: Den dey tie one blue wool string on da gold ting an out um on da pries
Lev 8.7: Firs he put da shirt on top Aaron, tie da wide cloth belt aroun his waist, put da robe on top
Lev 8.7: He tie da vest wit da fancy kine band fo da waist dat dey weave.
Lev 8.13: Aaron's boys in front da peopo, put da shirts on top dem, tie da wide cloth belts aroun dem, an put da pries kine hats
Lev 16.4: long kine linen shirt, wit linen shorts unda um, den tie da linen sash aroun himself, an put on da pries kine hat.
Lev 23.10: food dat you grow, bring da pries guy one bunch wheat you tie up from da firs wheat you cut.
Lev 23.15: “Da day afta da Res Day wen you bring da wheat you cut an tie um up, fo make da sacrifice you lif up, from dat day,
Deu 6.8: Write um down an tie um jalike one sign on top yoa hands an on top yoa
Deu 11.18: Write um an put um jalike one sign fo tie on top yoa hands, an fo put aroun yoa forehead.
Deu 22.12: Tie togedda strings fo make four bunch fo make um jalike
Deu 25.4: “No go tie up one cow's mout so he no can eat da wheat o barley wen
Rut 2.7: she wen aks me, ‘Please, okay fo me go ova dea wea dey tie up da barley, an pick up da extra barley dat da worka guys
Rut 2.15: her pick up da extra barley, even ova dea wea you guys tie up da barley plants afta you cut um.
Rut 2.16: An den wen you guys tie up da barley, make shua you pull out litto bit fo her an
1Ki 5.9: I goin tell um tie um up fo make plenny raft.
1Ki 18.44: Tell um dis: ‘Tie da horse to yoa war wagon!”
1Ki 18.46: So he pull up his robe an tie um wit his belt, den he run in front Ahab all da way to da
2Ki 5.23: He tie up da 150 pound silva inside two bag, an clotheses fo two
2Ki 7.10: Ony get da horses an donkeys dat dey wen tie up.
2Ki 23.33: Pharaoh Neko make Jehoahaz prisona an tie him up wit chain, Riblah town, inside da Hamat land, so he
2Ki 25.7: Dey tie him wit two bronze leg chain, an take him Babylon side.
Neh 4.18: Ery builda guy get one sword he tie aroun him.
Est 1.6: an white linen cloth, an get white an purple linen rope fo tie um to silva rings on top marble stone poses.
Isa 3.20: da nice kine chain fo dea ankle, An da fancy kine cloth fo tie aroun dea waist, Da perfume bottles, Da jewel fo make da
Isa 8.16: I stay teach, Fo keep inside dea hearts foeva, Jalike you tie um up an put wax seal on top.”
Isa 15.3: Inside da street, da peopo tie burmbag cloth aroun dea waist Fo show dey stay sore
Isa 22.3: Dey jus grab um an tie um up.
Isa 24.22: togedda An put um inside one jail, Jalike dey prisonas all tie up inside one hole.
Isa 58.9: guys betta no give da odda guys hard time, Jalike you stay tie one yoke on top one cow!
Dan 3.20: Da king tell some a da mos strong army guys fo tie up Shadrak, Meshak, an Abednego, an throw um inside da
Dan 3.21: So da king's guys tie up da three Jewish guys wit all dea clotheses, dea robes,
Dan 3.23: Da three guys, stay all tie up tight wen da king's guys drop um down inside da real
Dan 3.24: Us guys wen throw three guys down inside dea, an dey all tie up, yeah?
Dan 3.25: Dey no stay tie up, an dey no stay hurt.
Dan 4.15: Put heavy iron an bronze strap fo tie down da stump, An let um stay inside da grass inside da
Dan 4.23: Tie um wit iron an bronze strap on top da stump, an let um
Mat 12.29: First, he gotta tie up da moke!
Mat 13.30: Den pull out da weeds first, an tie um togedda fo burn.
Mat 18.6: mo betta take one real big heavy stone from da mill, an tie um aroun da guy, den throw him inside da ocean fo drown!
Mat 21.2: da town, right dea you guys goin find one donkey dat stay tie up, an her baby donkey stay dea too.
Mat 22.13: So da king tell his worka guys, ‘Eh, tie up dis guy's hands an feet, an throw um outside inside da
Mat 27.2: Dey tie him up, take him away, an wen give him to Pilate, da
Mrk 3.27: one big moke's house an rip off his stuffs, if he no tie up da moke first?
Mrk 5.3: Da bad spirit wen make him so strong, nobody can tie him up, not even wit chains.
Mrk 5.4: Befo, dey wen tie da guy's hand an feet plenny times wit da chains, but he
Mrk 9.42: kine stuff, mo betta take one big stone from da mill, an tie um aroun da guy's neck, den throw him inside da ocean fo
Mrk 11.2: Go inside dea, an you goin find one young donkey dat stay tie up.
Mrk 11.4: He stay tie up by da door, so dey hemo da rope from da post.’-”
Mrk 15.1: So dey tie him up, take him away, an wen give him to Pilate, da
Luk 17.2: Mo betta take one big stone, tie um aroun da guy's neck, den throw him inside da deep ocean
Luk 19.30: wen you go inside um, you goin find one young donkey stay tie to da fence, dat nobody wen ride um yet.
Jhn 18.12: guys, an da police guys from da Jews wen take Jesus an tie him up.
Jhn 18.24: Den Annas wen send him, all tie up, to da Head Priest guy, Kaiafas.
Jhn 21.18: you was one young guy, you used to put on yoa clotheses an tie yoa belt an go wea eva you like.
Jhn 21.18: Den you goin stick out yoa hands an one nodda guy goin tie you up an take you one place you no like go.
Act 8.23: you stay real jealous an nuha deep inside, an you stay all tie up wit da kine stuff dat no stay right.
Act 12.6: He was all tie up wit two chains, an he had one guard on da left side an
Act 21.11: He wen tie up his own hands an feet wit um, an say, “God's Spesho
Act 21.11: Spirit say dis, ‘Da Jewish guys inside Jerusalem goin tie up da guy who own dis belt lidis.
Act 21.13: I stay ready fo get all tie up, an even fo mahke inside Jerusalem cuz I da Boss Jesus
Act 21.33: main captain wen come an wen bus Paul, an tell da guys fo tie um up wit two chains.
Act 22.29: Da main captain, he come scared wen he wen know dat he wen tie up Paul wit chains, an Paul one guy dat get da same rights
Act 24.23: He tell da captain fo watch Paul, an no tie him up, an let his friends come take care him.
Act 26.29: stay listening to me now goin come jalike me -- but not tie up wit chains lidis.”
Act 27.17: Da guys wen bring um up on top da big boat, an dey wen tie da ropes good aroun da big boat fo hold um togedda.
Act 28.20: Dass why dey wen tie me up wit dis chain.
1Co 9.9: fo smash da wheat so you can take out da junks, you no go tie up his mout so he no can eat da wheat.
1Ti 5.18: fo smash da wheat so you can take out da junks, no go tie up his mout so he no can eat da wheat.
2Ti 2.9: Sometimes dey even tie me up wit chains jalike I one crook.
2Ti 2.9: No can tie up da stuff God say wit one chain!
Heb 9.19: an take da blood wit water, an dark red wool string fo tie togedda oregano branches, an wen sprinkle da blood on top
Heb 11.36: Peopo wen laugh at um an whip um hard, an mo worse dey wen tie up odda guys wit chains an throw um inside da jail.
2Pe 2.4: He wen throw um down inside Hell, an wen tie um up wit chains fo make um stay inside da Deep Dark Hole
2Pe 2.20: But if peopo change dea mind, an get all tie up inside da pilau stuff jalike befo time, dat stuff goin
Jud 1.6: Now dey all tie up wit chains foeva.
Rev 9.14: “Let um go, da four angel messenja guys dat stay all tie up by da big Eufrates River!