head: Timoty Go Wit Paul An Silas
Act 16.1: Had one guy ova dea name Timoty dat wen stay tight wit Jesus.
Act 16.2: sistas inside Lystra an Iconium stay talk good tings bout Timoty.
Act 16.3: Paul wen like take Timoty wit him wen dey go all ova, so Paul wen cut skin Timoty,
Act 16.3: Timoty wit him wen dey go all ova, so Paul wen cut skin Timoty, cuz da Jewish peopo in dat place know dat his fadda stay
Act 17.14: Da bruddas wen send Paul da coast side fast, but Silas an Timoty wen stay inside Berea.
Act 17.15: Den dey wen go back an wen tell Silas an Timoty fo go by Paul fast.
Act 18.5: Silas an Timoty wen come from Macedonia.
Act 19.22: He wen send two a his helpa guys Macedonia side, Timoty an Erastus.
Act 20.4: Aristarkus an Secundus from Tessalonika, Gaius from Derbe, Timoty, an Tykicus an Trofimus from Asia, dey all wen go wit him.
Rom 16.21: Timoty, he stay working wit me, an he like give you guys his
1Co 4.17: So az why I stay send Timoty fo help you guys.
1Co 16.10: Timoty, wen he go dea by you guys, take care him so he no need
2Co 1.1: Brudda Timoty, he stay hea an he say same ting.
2Co 1.6: Weneva me an Timoty get hard time, God give us good kine words.
2Co 1.19: Me an Silas an Timoty wen teach you guys bout Jesus Christ, God's Boy.
Php 1.1: Dis letta from Paul an Timoty.
head: Timoty
Php 2.19: Pretty soon I like send Timoty by you guys, if dass wat da Boss Jesus like.
Php 2.20: Timoty, he da ony guy ova hea by me dat tink bout tings jalike
Php 2.22: An you guys know wat kine guy Timoty -- you know he get da stuff fo do da job.
Col 1.2: Dis letta from me, Paul, an from brudda Timoty too.
Col 1.7: He one worka fo God jalike me an Timoty, an we get plenny aloha fo Epafras.
1Th 1.1: Dis letta from Paul, Silas, an Timoty.
1Th 3.2: Dass why we wen send Timoty ova dea by you guys.
1Th 3.2: Timoty, he our brudda.
1Th 3.3: An we wen send Timoty so you guys no presha out wen peopo make you suffa.
1Th 3.5: I wen feel so sad cuz I no can see you guys, I wen send Timoty ova dea, fo find out if you guys stay trus God still yet.
head: Timoty Give Paul Good Kine Words
1Th 3.6: But now, Timoty jus wen come back hea from you guys, an he tell us guys
1Th 3.7: us guys get big kine presha an suffa plenny, da stuff Timoty tell us make us feel real good bout you guys.
2Th 1.1: Dis anodda letta from Paul, an Silas, an Timoty.
1Ti 1.13: Wat Timoty Suppose To Do (6:11 - 6:21) Copyright © 2000, 2009
1Ti 1.1: Aloha, Timoty!
1Ti 1.18: Timoty, my boy!
1Ti 1.18: Da guys dat wen talk fo God wen tell you dis befo: “Timoty, you da guy fo do da job.
1Ti 3.14: Eh Timoty!
1Ti 4.11: Eh Timoty!
head: Wat Timoty Suppose To Do
1Ti 6.11: Eh Timoty, you God's guy.
1Ti 6.20: Eh Timoty, no let nobody change wat me an da odda church leadas wen
2Ti 1.2: Timoty, dis letta fo you, from me, Paul.
2Ti 2.1: Eh, Timoty my boy!
2Ti 2.22: Eh Timoty!
head: Da Last Ting Paul Tell Timoty He Gotta Do
2Ti 3.10: But you, Timoty, you not like dem guys dat tinking all hamajang.
2Ti 3.14: But you, Timoty, you gotta stick wit da stuff you wen learn, dat you gotta
2Ti 4.5: But you, Timoty, you gotta stay cool head, no matta wat happen.
2Ti 4.9: Eh, Timoty!
Phm 1.1: Dis letta from me Paul, an Brudda Timoty.
Phm 1.1: Me an Timoty, we get plenny love an aloha fo you, an we stay working
Heb 13.23: I like you guys know dis: our brudda Timoty, he outa jail awready!