Gen 3.6: She tinking, “Oh, dat tree, shaka kine!
Gen 6.5: Erytime da peopo tink an make plan, dey ony tinking how fo do bad kine stuff all da time.
Gen 6.6: Yahweh, he tinking, “Auwe!
Gen 9.15: Den you guys goin know dat I tinking Bout da deal I wen make fo you guys, An fo eryting dat
Gen 11.6: Yahweh, he tinking lidis: “Dis peopo, dey all one, an dey all get one
Gen 15.6: An Yahweh, he tinking, “Dis guy get um right wit me, cuz he trus me.
Gen 16.13: Hagar, she tinking, “Wow!”
Gen 17.17: But he laugh same time, cuz inside, he tinking, “No way!”
Gen 18.12: So Sarah wen laugh inside, cuz she tinking, “Now I all dry up, an my husband, he old too!
Gen 18.13: She tinking, ‘Fo real, I goin get bebe, me, no matta I real old?
Gen 20.11: Abraham tell, “I ony was tinking lidis: No mo nobody dis place dat get respeck fo God.
Gen 21.16: She sit down ova dea da odda side, cuz she tinking, “I no can handle fo see my boy die!
Gen 26.7: He scared fo tell um she his wife, cuz he tinking bumbye dem guys goin kill um so dey can take Rebecca.
Gen 26.28: So us guys tinking, mo betta make deal, us guys an you guys, and we all make
Gen 27.22: Isaac tinking, “Da voice, sound jalike Jacob, but da hands, az Esau.”
Gen 27.41: Esau tinking, “Bumbye my fadda guy mahke, an afta da funeral time, den
Gen 27.42: away da sore he goin get inside wen his fadda mahke -- he tinking, ‘Bumbye I kill Jacob!
Gen 29.32: She give um da name Reuben, cuz she tinking, “Yahweh see dat I get trouble,” an da word Reuben sound
Gen 29.32: An she tinking dis too: “Now my husban goin love me.
Gen 30.13: She tinking, “Now, da odda wahines goin see I stay feel good inside!
Gen 31.30: I figga, you gotta hele on, cuz you tinking plenny bout yoa fadda guy house.
Gen 31.31: Jacob tell Laban, “I was scared, cuz I tinking you goin take back yoa daughtas an bus me up.
Gen 32.8: He make lidat cuz he tinking, “If Esau come da one side an bus um up, maybe da guys dat
Gen 32.20: Cuz Jacob tinking, “I goin send present befo I get dea, den maybe dat make
Gen 37.11: But Jacob, Joseph fadda, he stay tinking plenny bout all dat.”
Gen 38.11: But Judah stay tinking lidis: “No good Shelah marry Tamar an bumbye he mahke
Gen 42.4: Benjamin, Jacob neva let him go wit da oddas, cuz he tinking, “Maybe someting bad goin happen to him.”
Gen 43.18: Dey tinking, “Eh!
Gen 50.15: Now cuz dea fadda mahke, Joseph brudda guys tinking plenny bout wat goin happen wit dem.
Exo 2.14: Moses, he come scared, cuz he tinking, “So!
Exo 3.2: An he tinking, “How come lidat?
Exo 3.3: Den Moses still yet tinking, “I gotta go look dis real awesome ting I stay see!
Exo 4.1: da leada guys no trus me, an no lissen wat I say, cuz dey tinking, ‘Nah!
Exo 4.26: From dat time, Moses wife tinking bout da cut skin.”
Exo 10.10: Look, you guys ony tinking fo do something bad!
Exo 12.33: peopo fo go way quick from dea land, cuz da Egypt guys tinking, “Bumbye all us guys, mahke!
Exo 13.17: Cuz God tinking, “Wen dese peopo get war, maybe dey goin change dea mind
Exo 14.25: Da Egypt guys, dey tinking, “Mo betta us guys get away from dose Israel guys, cuz
Exo 32.1: peopo see Moses stay on top Mount Sinai long time, dey tinking, “How come dis guy Moses no come down from ova dea?
Rut 3.14: Cuz Boaz tinking, “No good da peopo know dat dis wahine wen come hea wea
Rut 4.4: Me, I tinking lidis: I gotta tell you bout dat piece land, cuz you get
1Ki 5.5: So now, I stay tinking lidis: I goin build one Temple so erybody goin know wat
1Ki 10.2: come by Solomon an talk to him bout all da tings she stay tinking bout.
2Ki 5.11: He tinking, “Garans he come out hea by me, an stand dea, an use da
Est 6.6: Now Haman stay tinking, “Fo shua, az me he talking bout, cuz no mo nobody da king
Isa 3.15: Wat you guys tinking Wen you go smash my peopo, aah?
Isa 14.29: You betta not stay good inside cuz you tinking lidis, “Da king fo da Assyria peopo dat wen bus us guys
Isa 26.3: Yahweh, you stay keep whoeva stay solid How dey tinking, You stay make eryting come out good fo dem.
Isa 35.4: Tell da peopo dat stay feel scared Cuz dey tinking dey gotta do someting right now, “Be strong!
Isa 38.10: come good afta he sick, he write dis: Me, dis wat I was tinking: “I stay in da [bes / bestes] time a my life, An now I
Isa 63.11: Dey tinking, “Wea da One Wen take Moses an da peopo thru da Red Sea,
Dan 4.30: He tinking, “Dis town, Babylon, stay big now!
Amo 4.13: He tell peopo eryting he tinking.
Amo 6.2: You tinking you guys mo betta den dose countries, yeah?
Amo 6.5: pick up da guitar fo jam An make new kine songs -- An you tinking, ‘I can make da music Same same, jalike King David!
Amo 7.2: I stay tinking, ‘Wat goin happen wen dem grasshoppas eat up da green
Amo 8.5: You guys, dis wat you tinking, yeah?
Jon 2.4: I stay tinking lidis: ‘God, he wen throw me out, He make me go way wea he
Jon 2.4: I tinking: ‘Fo shua I no goin see one mo time Da Temple dass spesho
Mal 1.9: How come you tinking, ‘Maybe Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies, goin do good
Mat 1.20: But wen he stay tinking lidat, right den an dea, one angel messenja guy from da
Mat 7.26: hear wat I say, an no do um, dey jalike one guy dat not tinking, an he build his house wea ony get sand.
Mat 9.3: Dey tinking, “Eh, dis guy ack jalike he God!”
Mat 9.4: But Jesus wen know wat dey tinking.
Mat 9.4: He say, “How come you guys tinking bad kine stuff lidat?]”
Mat 12.25: Jesus wen know wat dey tinking.
Mat 21.42: dass jalike me: Had one big stone, Da builda guys was tinking, ‘Poho!”
Mat 23.17: You guys not tinking!’
Mat 23.19: You guys not tinking!’
Mat 25.2: Five a dem smart, cuz dey tinking, an da odda five no tink notting.
Mat 27.64: So us guys tinking, try put some guards in front da tomb fo three days, so
Mrk 2.6: Dey stay tinking, “Eh!”
Mrk 2.8: But right den Jesus wen know inside wat dey tinking.
Mrk 2.8: He say, “How come you guys tinking bad kine stuff lidat?”
Mrk 3.27: So, no good how you guys tinking!
Mrk 5.28: Her tinking, “If I can ony touch his clotheses, I goin come good
Mrk 12.10: Da Bible say, “Had one big stone, Da builda guys was tinking, ‘Poho!
Mrk 12.12: Den da main pries dem was tinking how dey can bus him, cuz dey know he was talking bout dem.
Mrk 12.34: Jesus know dat da guy was tinking good wen he say dat.
Luk 1.29: Mary come mix up cuz a wat he wen say, an tinking wat dat mean.
Luk 2.18: Everybody dat wen hear dat, stay tinking bout wat da sheep farmas wen tell dem.
Luk 2.35: Dat goin show wat plenny peopo tinking.
Luk 5.21: Da Pharisee guys an da teachas dat teach God's Rules, dey tinking, “Eh, dis guy ack an talk jalike he God!
Luk 5.22: But Jesus wen know wat dey tinking.
Luk 5.22: He say, “How come you guys tinking bad kine stuff lidat?”
Luk 6.8: But Jesus wen know wat dey tinking, an he wen tell da guy wit da funny kine hand, “Get up an
Luk 9.43: Da peopo still tinking plenny bout all da stuff Jesus stay doing, an he wen tell
Luk 9.47: Jesus wen know wat dey tinking, so he tell one small kid fo stand by him.
Luk 11.17: But Jesus wen know wat dey tinking, an he tell um, “Da country dat go agains each odda, bus
Luk 12.17: He tinking, ‘Wat I goin do?”
Luk 22.15: He tell um, “I tinking plenny bout dis.
Jhn 13.29: Some a Jesus guys was tinking dat Jesus telling Judas, ‘Go get wat we need fo da
Jhn 13.29: Dey tinking lidat cuz Judas stay in charge a da money fo all da guys.
Act 2.15: Dese guys, dey not drunk jalike you tinking.
Act 3.5: So da guy wen look, tinking he goin get someting.
Act 3.12: How come you guys looking at us guys an tinking dat we wen make him walk wit our own power, o cuz we stay
Act 4.25: How come da peopos tinking fo do stuff dat no good fo notting?
Act 8.22: aks da Boss if he can hemo you from da bad kine stuff you tinking!
Act 10.17: Peter was tinking wat da dream mean.”
Rom 1.9: An God know dat I not goin give up tinking bout you guys.
Rom 1.21: Dass why wat dey stay tinking, all poho awready.”
Rom 8.5: dass how dey stay inside, an dass da ony kine stuff dey tinking bout all da time.
Rom 8.5: But da peopo dat live da way God's Spirit like, dey ony tinking bout da kine stuff dat God's Spirit like.
Rom 11.34: wen say befo time: “No mo nobody dat know wat da Boss tinking!
Rom 14.1: But no go make argue bout wat he tinking.
Rom 15.20: From long time befo I tinking, “I really like tell bout Christ to da peopo dat neva hear
1Co 2.16: Jalike da Bible wen say: “Who can figga out wat God stay tinking, aah?
1Co 3.20: da Bible say: “Da Boss, he know how da smart guys stay tinking, Da guys dat suppose to know wat fo do.
1Co 3.20: He know dey ony tinking junk kine stuff dat wase time.”
1Co 4.5: He goin show all da tings dat dey tinking inside dea heart.
1Co 8.7: Some peopo, dey still yet tinking everytime bout da idol kine gods, jalike dey wen tink befo
1Co 8.10: one temple fo one idol kine god, wat you tink he stay tinking?
1Co 10.29: I mean, tink bout wat da odda guy stay tinking, if okay fo him fo eat um.
1Co 11.29: But anybody eat o drink an dey tinking, “No mo diffrence, you know, dat Jesus wen mahke.
1Co 14.14: wen I pray, I stay praying inside my heart, but I not tinking inside my head.
1Co 15.36: You aks lidat, fo shua you not tinking.
2Co 3.18: An our faces no stay cover up, an now we can stay tinking plenny bout how awesome da Boss stay.
2Co 4.18: So we looking at an tinking bout da kine stuff you no can see, not da kine stuff you
2Co 7.11: stuff you guys wen do, an wen come all scared, cuz you tinking bumbye you goin do same ting one mo time.
2Co 10.4: make argue, we get God's power fo show dat dea hard head tinking all hamajang.
2Co 12.19: Eh, you guys was tinking long time we ony talking fo ourself, yeah?
Gal 3.3: You guys not tinking, o wat?
Eph 4.17: How dey live, dey ony stay tinking stuff dat wase time.
Php 3.13: But I doing da main ting so I can get um -- I not even tinking bout all da stuff dat wen happen awready.
Col 1.9: Den you guys can get good tinking fo do da right ting, an God's Spirit goin help you guys
Col 2.18: Dey ony tinking jalike regula peopo.
1Th 3.5: Cuz I wen worry, an I tinking, “Da Devil try fo make all us guys do bad kine stuff.
1Ti 1.6: But some a dem guys, dea tinking get jam up.
2Ti 3.8: Dea tinking all hamajang, az why dey no trus God, an God, he no take
2Ti 3.9: goin bodda plenny peopo -- cuz everybody can see dat dea tinking all hamajang.
2Ti 3.10: But you, Timoty, you not like dem guys dat tinking all hamajang.
Phm 1.7: Weneva I no feel good inside, tinking bout you make me feel good again, cuz da peopo dat stay
Heb 4.12: Goin check out wat we stay tinking, an wat stay inside our heart, an how come we stay doing
Heb 11.15: An if dose guys was tinking bout da country dey wen leave befo time, den dey had
Heb 11.16: Dey stay tinking plenny bout dat mo betta place inside da sky wea God stay.
Heb 11.26: He tinking mo betta come shame cuz he stay trus da Spesho Guy God
Jas 1.8: He everytime no can make up his mind da way he tinking bout doing tings.
Jas 1.13: Wen you get presha fo do someting bad, an you tinking, “Eh, I like do dat!
Jas 1.14: Cuz da bad tinking pull us all ova.
Jas 2.4: But you guys all wrong, how you tinking.”
Jas 2.20: You not tinking!
1Pe 2.19: fo someting he neva do, but he take um, cuz he still tinking bout God.
1Jn 3.20: But no matta inside our heart we tinking plenny bout da bad kine stuff we wen do, same time, we