Gen 25.29: Esau, he come back from the boonies, an he real tired an hungry.
Exo 17.12: But Moses arms wen come tired.
Exo 18.18: You ony goin make yoaself so tired, you goin come poho.”
Exo 18.18: You goin make da peopo come tired too.
Deu 25.18: Wen you guys was tired an worn out, da Amalek guys wen attack you guys, an wipe
Deu 28.32: yoa girls to anodda peopo fo come slaves, an you goin come tired ery day looking fo dem come back, but you no can do
Deu 28.65: you guys stay shaking inside plenny, yoa eyes goin come tired from waiting, an you goin lose fight inside yoa heart.
Neh 4.10: guys tell, “Da guys dat bring da stuff fo fix da wall, dey tired awready.
Neh 9.32: We all stay tired cuz we suffa all dis, From da time wen da Assyria king
Isa 5.27: In dat army, nobody come tired O trip an fall down.
Isa 5.27: Dey no need sleep late eva, O pass out sleep cuz dey tired.
Isa 7.13: Not nuff, you guys, dat you make odda peopo tired.”
Isa 7.13: Now you gotta try make my God tired too!
Isa 16.12: on top da hills, An no matta dey work plenny hard an stay tired Fo go pray inside da temple dat stay spesho fo dea gods,
Isa 24.4: Ery place peopo live, jalike dey stay tired, an all dry up.
Isa 24.4: Da big name peopo, jalike dey all tired too.
Isa 28.12: Da guys tired, can rest ova hea.
Isa 33.9: Even da Judah land, look jalike stay sore inside An plenny tired.
Isa 38.14: I try fo look up da sky to you, But my eyes too tired, I can ony look down.
Isa 40.28: He no goin come tired o worn out.
Isa 40.29: He da One make da tired peopo come strong.
Isa 40.30: Even da teenage guys get tired an worn out, An da young guys trip an fall down.
Isa 40.31: Dey goin run an no come tired.
Isa 43.22: You guys neva work hard an come tired Fo do stuff fo me.
Isa 43.23: I neva make you guys come tired Aksing you fo burn incense fo me.
Isa 43.24: Wit all da bad tings you stay do, An you guys make me tired Wit all da tings you do dat need punish.
Isa 46.1: An stay heavy fo even da animals carry um, Cuz dey tired.
Isa 50.4: He make me know wat fo tell da tired guys So dey come strong.
Isa 57.10: You guys go long way fo find new gods, An you come tired from all dat.
Mal 2.17: You guys, you talk too much, you make Yahweh real tired!
Mal 2.17: An you say, “How us guys make God tired?
Mat 11.28: “All you guys dat stay tired from working hard, an stay trying fo handle all da heavy
Jhn 4.8: Jesus stay tired cuz he wen walk long way.
2Co 7.5: Wen we wen come inside Macedonia, our bodies stay tired.
2Th 3.13: Hang in dea an no get tired doing da right kine stuff.”
Heb 12.3: you guys tink bout Jesus lidat, den you guys no goin get tired an lose fight.