Gen 19.2: I like you guys stay my house tonite.”
Gen 19.5: Wea da guys dat wen come yoa house tonite?
Gen 19.34: We do da same ting tonite.
Gen 24.23: An yoa fadda, get room his house fo stay tonite, me an my guys?
Gen 24.25: house too, an get room fo all you guys fo sleep ova dea tonite.
Gen 28.13: Dis same land wea you stay sleep tonite, I goin give um to you an to da peopo dat goin come from
Gen 30.15: me some a dat love apple root dat yoa boy wen bring, an tonite, I let Jacob sleep wit you.”
Gen 30.16: She tell him, “I da one you sleep wit tonite.
Rut 1.12: If I wen get chance fo marry somebody tonite, an get boy kine babies, wat you tink?
Rut 3.2: Tonite, Boaz going fo work da place wea dey take da junks outa da
Rut 3.13: So, stay hea tonite.
Isa 10.29: Dey tell, “Eh, we stay Geba town tonite!
Mat 26.31: cuz you no can handle da shame fo wat goin happen to me tonite.
Luk 12.20: Tonite you goin mahke!
Luk 22.61: wat da Boss wen tell him, “Befo da roosta make noise tonite, you goin say three times you donno me.
Act 23.23: an two hundred guys wit spears fo go Cesarea nine clock tonite.