Gen 24.21: He no say notting, cuz he like find out if God make da trip come out okay, o not.
Gen 28.20: He tell, “God, if you stay wit me, an take care me dis trip I making, an give me food fo eat an clotheses fo wear, an
Gen 42.25: tell his guys fo give da brudda guys food fo eat fo da trip too.
Gen 45.21: Pharaoh guy wen tell um, an he give um plenny food fo da trip.
Exo 7.16: you dis: “Let my peopo go way from hea, so dey can make trip fo do religious kine stuff fo me inside da boonies.
Exo 12.14: From dat day, ery year, you guys goin make spesho trip fo do religious kine stuff fo me, Yahweh.
Lev 19.14: No put someting in front one guy dat no can see so he trip an fall down.
Ezr 1.4: Give um silva an gold, an animals, an stuff fo eat fo da trip.
Ezr 1.6: bowl an pot, da silva an gold kine, an stuff fo eat fo da trip, an animals.
Isa 5.27: In dat army, nobody come tired O trip an fall down.
Isa 8.14: da Israel ohana, I goin come jalike one stone an make dem trip an fall down.
Isa 31.3: hand fo bus um up, Da guys dat help dem, Jalike dey goin trip.
Isa 40.30: da teenage guys get tired an worn out, An da young guys trip an fall down.
Amo 3.3: Two guys, how dey goin make trip togedda If dey no make plan?
Mat 10.10: No even take one bag fo da trip, o extra clothes, o slippas, o walking stick; cuz da peopo
Mat 21.44: Da guy who trip an fall down on top dis stone, da stone goin broke him in
Mat 25.14: King, goin be jalike dis: Had one guy, he was going on one trip to one far place.
Mrk 6.8: Dis wat he wen tell his guys: “Ony take litto bit fo da trip, ony yoa walking stick.
Mrk 13.34: Jalike one guy goin on one trip.
Luk 9.3: He tell um, “No take notting fo da trip; no walking stick, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra
Luk 11.6: me three loaf bread, cuz my odda friend stay going on one trip, an he wen come my house, an I no mo notting fo give him
Luk 20.18: Anybody dat trip an fall down on top dat stone, dat stone goin broke dem.
Jhn 11.9: If you walk aroun day time, you no goin trip an fall down, cuz da light dat shine inside dis world let
Jhn 11.10: But if you walk aroun nite time, you goin trip an fall down, cuz you no mo light.
Rom 9.33: Da Bible wen talk bout one “rock dat make peopo trip ova an fall down.
Rom 9.33: He goin be jalike one rock Dat goin make peopo trip ova an fall down.
Rom 9.33: An jalike da Israel peopo wen trip ova dat rock an fall down!