1Ki 5.1: Hiram was da king dat time Tyre side.
1Ki 7.13: King Solomon wen call one guy, Huram from Tyre, fo come by him.
1Ki 7.14: His mahke fadda was one Tyre guy dat know how fo make all kine real good stuff from
1Ki 9.11: All dat time, King Hiram from Tyre wen get togedda all da cedar an pine wood an gold dat
1Ki 9.12: But wen Hiram come from Tyre fo see da towns Solomon wen give him, Hiram neva like um.
Ezr 3.7: Dey buy plenny cedar tree from da Tyre an Sidon peopo, an pay um wit food, wine, an olive oil.
Neh 13.16: Same time, had peopo from Tyre town dat live inside Jerusalem town.
head: Wat God Say Bout Tyre
Isa 23.1: heavy kine stuff fo tell bout wat I see goin happen to da Tyre peopo: All you guys inside da boats dat go Spain side, Cry
Isa 23.1: Spain An stop Cyprus Island, Den somebody tell dem Dat Tyre town stay all bus up awready.
Isa 23.2: You Sidon guys dat buy stuff an sell um, Was da Tyre peopo Dat go an come on top da boats Dat befo time wen
Isa 23.3: Az how Tyre town wen stay Jalike da open market fo all da nations.
Isa 23.4: Tyre was da town wit da strong wall by da sea Dat wen take care
Isa 23.4: But now, jalike da Tyre peopo stay tell, “Us guys no mo nobody Fo do how us wen do
Isa 23.5: Wen da Egypt peopo hear Bout wat happen inside Tyre, Goin hurt dem plenny, Jalike one wahine start fo hurt Wen
Isa 23.7: Cuz now, all da Tyre peopo go far way awready.
Isa 23.8: Who you tink wen make da plan Fo wipe out Tyre, da big town?
Isa 23.8: Da guys from Tyre dat buy an sell stuff was princes, An erybody in da world
Isa 23.10: You Tyre peopo dat live Spain side now, Okay fo you go from one end
Isa 23.13: Babylon peopo from da boonies Build towers fo fight agains Tyre town.
Isa 23.14: All you Tyre guys inside da boats dat go Spain side, Cry an yell cuz
Isa 23.15: Dat time, erybody goin foget bout Tyre fo 70 year.
Isa 23.15: Afta da 70 year, goin come fo Tyre jalike da song tell bout one wahine dat take money fo fool
Isa 23.16: Cuz afta 70 year, Yahweh goin tink bout da Tyre peopo, an do someting fo help dem.
Isa 23.16: Den da peopo inside Tyre goin go back an make jalike befo time.”
Isa 23.16: But dat time, wateva da Tyre peopo make from wat dey buy an sell, an from work, goin
Amo 1.8: Da Tyre Peopo You betta lissen!”
Amo 1.9: Dis wat Yahweh say: “Too much times awready, da Tyre peopo wen go agains me.
Amo 1.10: Dass why I goin send army guys Fo burn down da Tyre town wall.
Mat 11.21: Eh, I neva show my power fo da Tyre an Sidon guys like I wen do um fo you guys.
Mat 11.22: But I telling you guys now, bumbye goin be mo easy fo da Tyre an Sidon guys wen dey gotta stand in front God da Judge,
Mat 15.21: From dea Jesus go Tyre an Sidon side.
Mrk 3.8: Jerusalem, Idumea, from da odda side da Jordan River, from Tyre side, an Sidon side.
Mrk 7.24: From dea Jesus go Tyre side.
Mrk 7.31: Jesus wen hele on from Tyre side, an go thru Sidon, to Galilee Lake, near da Ten
Luk 6.17: plenny odda peopo from Jerusalem an all ova Judea, an from Tyre an Sidon, two towns dat stay near da ocean.
Luk 10.13: do da kine awesome stuff fo show my power to da peopo from Tyre an Sidon towns, jalike I wen do fo you guys, long time
Luk 10.14: Bumbye goin be mo easy fo da peopo from Tyre an Sidon towns wen dey stand in front God da Judge, den fo
Act 12.20: King Herod wen stay huhu wit da peopo Tyre side an Sidon side.
Act 21.3: We wen go outa da boat at Tyre, wea dey wen take off all da stuffs from da boat.
Act 21.7: We wen sail from Tyre to Tolemais.