Isa 63.18: Ony litto wile, befo time, Da peopo dat stay spesho fo you Wen own da
Mat 13.21: He stick wit um fo litto wile, but wen da odda guys make him suffa cuz he trus da stuff
Mrk 4.17: He stick wit um fo litto wile.
Jhn 2.12: But dey ony stay dea litto wile.
Jhn 5.35: Fo litto wile you guys wen like wat John wen say, cuz wen make you guys
Jhn 11.8: guys Jesus teaching wen tell him, “Eh, Teacha, ony litto wile befo dis da Jewish peopo wen like throw stones at you fo
Jhn 12.35: Ony litto wile mo da light goin stay hea wit you guys.”
Jhn 13.33: But I goin stay wit you guys ony litto wile moa.
Jhn 14.19: Litto wile moa, da peopo inside da world no goin see me.
Jhn 14.30: I ony goin talk to you guys litto wile moa, cuz da Devil stay coming.
Jhn 16.16: “In litto wile, you guys no goin see me.
Jhn 16.16: Den litto wile moa, you guys goin see me.
Jhn 16.17: He say, ‘In litto wile, you guys no goin see me.
Jhn 16.17: Den litto wile moa, you guys goin see me.
Jhn 16.18: So dey wen say, “Wass dis he mean, ‘In litto wile’?’
Jhn 16.19: aks him question, so he tell um, “I wen say, ‘In litto wile you guys no goin see me.
Jhn 16.19: Den litto wile moa, an you guys goin see me.”
Act 9.19: Saul wen stay litto wile inside Damascus wit da peopo dat trus Jesus.
Act 12.19: wen go from Judea to Cesarea, an wen stay ova dea litto wile.
Act 16.12: We wen stay ova dea litto wile.
Act 19.22: But he wen stay Asia side litto wile moa.”
Act 21.10: Afta we wen stay dea litto wile, one guy name Agabus dat tell peopo wat God say wen come
Act 21.15: Afta litto wile we wen get our stuffs, an go Jerusalem.
Act 24.24: Afta litto wile Felix wen come wit his wife Drusilla.
Act 27.14: afta litto wile one real strong wind wen blow on um from da island.
Act 27.28: Afta litto wile dey wen find out dat da water stay ninety feet deep.
Rom 15.24: Afta I stay wit you guys litto wile, you guys can kokua me fo go Spain.
1Co 16.6: Den, might be I can stay wit you guys litto wile, o even all winta.
2Co 4.18: Da stuff you can see, ony goin stay litto wile.
1Th 2.17: Bruddas an sistas, fo litto wile some peopo wen make us go way from you guys.
1Ti 3.2: Peopo from odda place can come his house fo stay litto wile.
1Ti 5.10: peopo she donno from far away come her house fo stay litto wile, if she wen wash da dirt off da feet fo da peopo dat stay
Heb 10.37: He goin come fo shua in litto wile, Not afta real long time.
Heb 12.10: guys wen make presha fo make us guys learn stuff fo litto wile, an dey do um da way dey tink az good fo us.
1Pe 1.6: you guys feel plenny good inside, no matta now fo litto wile you guys gotta suffa plenny, cuz you get all kine hard
1Pe 5.10: Afta you guys suffa litto wile, God goin fix you guys up mo betta den befo.
Rev 17.10: But wen he come, he goin stay ony litto wile.
Rev 20.3: Afta dat, dey gotta let um go fo litto wile.