Gen 8.22: Cold time an hot time, Summa time an winta time, Day time an nite time, No goin stop.
head: Da Spesho Times Afta Da [Cold / Winta] Time
Deu 1.3: was 40 year afta da Israel peopo come outa Egypt, an was winta time, wen Moses tell da Israel peopo eryting Yahweh tell
Isa 18.6: from da mountains goin eat dea bodies, An all thru da winta time, da wild animals goin eat um.
Amo 3.15: I goin wack da house wea dey live winta time An da house wea dey live summa time.
Mat 24.20: “Aks God fo no let dis stuff happen winta time o on da Rest Day.
Mrk 13.18: Aks God fo no let dis stuff happen winta time.
Jhn 10.22: Was winta time.
Act 27.12: Dat port town no stay good fo da winta time, an almos all da guys wen tink mo betta fo go.
Act 27.12: Dey wen trus dat dey can come to Phoenix an stay ova dea winta time.
Act 28.11: wen sail on top one boat dat wen stay by Malta Island all winta.
1Co 16.6: might be I can stay wit you guys litto wile, o even all winta.
Tit 3.12: Cuz I figga, good place fo stay winta time.