Lev 4.22: “Wen one leada guy do wat one a Yahweh's rules tell he not suppose to do, but he no tink bout um
Lev 10.7: da peopo come fo meet God, o you goin mahke, cuz you get Yahweh's oil on top you fo come prieses.
Lev 24.11: Da hapa guy wen use Yahweh's name an tell he no matta to da guy he beef wit.
head: Buying Back Yahweh's Stuff
Deu 5.25: If us gotta hear oua God Yahweh's voice one mo time still yet, fo shua us goin mahke!
Deu 8.6: “Take care fo do wat oua God Yahweh's rules tell.
Deu 23.2: no stay marry, dea kids an grankids no can come one a Yahweh's peopo fo ten generation.
Deu 23.3: from Ammon o Moab o dea kids an grankids can come one a Yahweh's peopo, even if dey wait ten generation.
Deu 23.8: Da Edom an da Egypt peopo's grankids can come Yahweh's peopo wen you Israel peopo come togedda.
Deu 23.18: inside one Canaan kine temple, an bring um inside yoa God Yahweh's house, fo pay fo one strong promise you wen make to him,
Deu 32.43: All you peopos, Yell plenny Cuz you stay good inside bout Yahweh's peopo!
2Ki 13.17: Elisha tell, “Az Yahweh's arrow fo show da winna, fo show you goin be da winna ova
Isa 11.2: Yahweh's Spirit goin stay in charge dat guy.
Isa 19.12: Let dem tell you wat Yahweh's plan, Wat Yahweh, Da God Ova All Da Armies, Goin do agains
Isa 31.9: Wen dea officer guys see Yahweh's flag fo war, Dey goin come scared an lose fight.
Isa 56.3: can make kids, He betta not tell, ‘You know, I no can be Yahweh's guy, Cuz I jalike one dry up tree Dat no can get fruit.
Isa 60.14: Dey goin call yoa town, ‘Yahweh's Town, Zion Town, Da Town Fo Da One Dat Stay Good An Spesho
Isa 65.1: Dose peopo dat nobody call [um] ‘Yahweh's peopo,’ I tell dem, ‘I stay hea!