Gen 39.7: We go bed togedda.
Gen 39.10: Ery day, she talk to Joseph lidat, fo try make um go bed wit her o hang out wit her.
Gen 39.12: Potifar wife go grab his shirt an tell, “We go bed togedda now!
Gen 47.31: Den Israel put his head down ova his bed, an tell God he like give um love an respeck.”
Gen 48.2: he make all da strong he can, so he can sit up on top da bed.
Gen 49.4: wen make sex wit my odda wife, An do pilau ting on top my bed, dat time.
Gen 49.33: his boys wat dey gotta do, he wen pull his feets inside da bed.
Exo 8.3: goin jump all ova da room wea you sleep, an all ova yoa bed.
Exo 21.18: his hand, an da odda guy no mahke, but gotta stay in da bed long time, den if da guy dat get mess up come litto bit
Lev 15.4: “Goin make any bed da guy lay down on top um, o anyting da guy sit down on
Lev 15.5: Anybody dat touch da guy bed, dey gotta wash dea clotheses, an bafe wit watta, an dey
Lev 15.21: Anybody touch her bed gotta wash dea clotheses, an bafe wit watta, an dey no can
Lev 15.23: No matta if da bed o wat she sit on top, if somebody touch um, dey no can
Lev 15.24: him, he no can come in front me fo seven days, an wateva bed he lay down on top, dat goin make peopo so dey no can come
Lev 15.26: Wateva bed she lay down on top wen da blood stay come out, an wateva
1Ki 1.47: King David, he stay sitting down on top da bed, an he bend ova fo show God love an respeck.
2Ki 4.10: We go make one small room on top da flat roof, an put one bed, one table, one chair, an one lamp inside da room fo him.
2Ki 4.21: go up in da room on top da roof an lay him down on top da bed wea Elisha, da guy dat stay tight wit God, sleep wen he
2Ki 4.34: Den he go on top da bed an lay down on top da boy, wit his mout on top da boy's
2Ki 4.35: up, an walk up an down da room, den lay down on top da bed an da boy again one mo time.
2Ki 9.16: go Jezreel town, cuz az da place wea Joram stay on top his bed ova dea.)
Isa 14.11: Da bed you goin get down hea Get worm fo mattress an blanket.”
Isa 28.20: dey no goin get place fo hide, Jalike dey sleeping in one bed dass too short, Jalike dey using one blanket dass too
Isa 57.2: An dey goin rest good on top dea bed.
Isa 57.7: You guys, jalike one wahine Dat go put her bed on top one real high mountain.
Isa 57.8: go way from me, Jalike dat wahine open da cover off her bed An go on top um an make ready.
Isa 57.8: She make one deal wit some guys Fo go dea bed, cuz she like do dat, An like look at dem all naked.
Dan 2.28: pichas dat you wen see in yoa head wen you lay on top yoa bed.
Dan 4.5: But den one nite, wen I stay lay down on top my bed, I wen get one dream an wen make me come scared.
Dan 4.10: Dis wat I wen see wen I stay sleep on top my bed.
Dan 4.13: “Wen I stay sleeping on top my bed, I see some mo pichas inside my head: I look, an in front
Dan 7.1: He see pichas inside his head wen he stay lay on top his bed.
Amo 3.12: da Samaria guys, Goin be one small piece from da fancy bed da Samaria guys wen buy from Damascus.
Mat 8.14: He go inside, an see Peter's mudda-in-law on top da bed.
Mrk 4.21: O you put um unda da bed?
Mrk 7.30: She resting on top da bed, an no mo bad kine spirit.
Luk 4.39: Den Jesus go stand by her bed, an tell da feva fo get out.
Luk 8.16: one lamp an cover um wit one bucket, o put um unda da bed.
Luk 11.7: Da door stay lock awready, an me an my kids stay in bed.’
Luk 17.34: you guys, dat nite wen I come, two peopo goin stay in one bed.
Act 9.33: An he neva can get off his bed fo eight years.
Act 9.34: Stand up an make yoa bed good.
Act 28.8: His fadda stay sick in bed.