Gen 27.33: An dat kine blessing, no can change!
Gen 31.7: Ova an ova, he change wat he pay me.
Gen 31.41: An den, you change my pay plenny times.
Gen 35.2: Change yoa clotheses.
Gen 38.14: Den Tamar change her clotheses.
Gen 38.19: She take off da cloth dat cova her face, an change her clotheses, so now she wearing da kine clotheses she
Gen 41.14: Dey take um outa da prison, an afta he shave an change all his clotheses, he go by Pharaoh.
Gen 48.17: So he take his fadda right hand fo change um from Efraim head to Manasseh head, cuz Manasseh da olda
Exo 10.19: An Yahweh change da wind to da west side, an make um blow real strong.
Exo 13.17: Cuz God tinking, “Wen dese peopo get war, maybe dey goin change dea mind an go back Egypt side.
Exo 14.5: Den da Pharaoh guy an all da palace peopo change dea mind bout da Israel peopo.
Exo 32.12: Change yoa mind an no do bad tings to yoa peopo.
Exo 32.14: So Yahweh change his mind bout da bad tings he wen plan fo do to his peopo,
Lev 13.5: If da pries guy see dat da sore no change, an no come mo big on top da skin, da pries goin make da
Lev 13.16: But if da raw skin change an come back white an dry, he gotta go by da pries guy
Lev 13.23: But if da shiny place no stay change, an no come mo big, az ony one scar from da boil, an da
Lev 13.28: But if da sore no change, an no come mo big, an ony can see um litto bit, az one
Lev 27.10: Da guy no can change um o give one good animal fo one bad animal, o one bad
Lev 27.33: He he no can pick out da good one from da bad one, an no change one animal fo anodda animal.
Lev 27.33: If he change one fo da odda, den da two animals goin come spesho fo me,
Deu 14.25: pick, so peopo can go dea find out wat kine God him, den change God's ten percent a yoa stuff fo silva, an take da silva
Deu 23.5: He change da kahuna kine stuff fo come good stuff fo you guys.
Rut 1.18: So, wen Na`omi undastan dat Rut no goin change her mind, an she going wit her, Na`omi stop talking.
1Ki 8.47: Dey goin change dea mind An beg you fo give um chance, Ova dea inside da
1Ki 8.48: dat make dem prisnas Stay agains my peopo, If my peopo change how dey tink an how dey feel inside, An dey pray to you
1Ki 8.58: Mo betta God change how we tink, So us can go all out fo do how he like, An
1Ki 17.7: Den eryting wen change.
2Ki 17.22: Dey no change how dey ack, till Yahweh kick out da Israel peopo from wea
2Ki 20.19: “Fo shua, eryting goin stay good, an no mo notting goin change till afta I mahke.”
2Ki 23.34: He change Eliakim's name to Jehoiakim.
2Ki 24.1: But afta three year, Jehoiakim change his mind, an go fight agains Nebukadnezzar.
2Ki 24.17: Nebukadnezzar change his name to Zedekiah.
2Ki 25.11: big town, all da odda peopo, an all da army guys dat wen change fo go ova da Babylon king side.
Ezr 6.11: “Anybody go change dis an no do how I tell um, you guys gotta pull one beam
Ezr 6.12: So den, if any king, o any peopo, change dis ting wat I say hea, o if dey bus up dis Temple
Neh 1.9: But if you guys come back an change how you ack, be my guys, an stay do all da tings I say you
Neh 9.29: But dem, dey no like change.
head: Da Tings Nehemiah Change
Est 1.19: Den no mo nobody can change da rule: Vashti no goin eva come again wea King Xerxes
Est 8.8: use my name an stamp um wit my ring, cuz no mo nobody can change wat I da king write an stamp wit my ring.”
Est 9.1: But now eryting change, an da Jews get da power ova da guys dat hate dem.
Est 9.22: From dat time, eryting change fo dem.
Isa 6.10: Cuz if dey wen change, Den dey goin come good, But dey no goin change.
Isa 6.10: if dey wen change, Den dey goin come good, But dey no goin change.
Isa 17.4: dat stay awesome now Bout da Israel ohanas, Dat goin change, an dey no goin stay awesome no moa.
Isa 22.23: Eliakim come one strong guy, No mo notting can make him change, Jalike one strong stick Dat stick out from da wall fo
Isa 24.1: He goin change da mountain an valley An all da peopo goin go all ova da
Isa 31.2: Wen Yahweh tell someting, He no need change his mind bumbye.
Isa 40.15: litto bit dirt Dat fall down on top one scale, An no change notting.
Isa 40.31: But da peopo dat wait fo Yahweh help dem, Dey goin change so dey come mo strong still yet.
Isa 41.1: An all you peopos, try fo change So you can come mo strong Try come ova hea by me, Den we
Isa 41.18: I goin change da boonies.
Isa 43.13: Wen I do someting, No mo nobody can change um An make um like was befo time.
Isa 45.23: Cuz I do da right ting erytime, An wat I tell, nobody can change um.
Isa 54.10: hills shake, Da way I stay tight wit you guys, Dat no goin change, An da deal I wen make wit you guys Fo make shua eryting
Isa 54.11: But you know wat I goin do, How I goin change all dat fo you guys?
Isa 55.11: from my mout, Fo shua, dey goin come back by me An goin change tings.
Dan 2.8: trying fo make slow fo get mo time, cuz you know dat I no change wat I wen tell.
Dan 2.9: dis dream, an trick me, cuz you tink dat bumbye I goin change my mind.
Dan 2.21: He change wass goin happen, Now an bumbye.
Dan 6.8: da peopo dat, an write down da rule, so no mo nobody can change um.
Dan 6.8: da Mede peopo an da Persia peopo, so dat no mo nobody can change da rule.
Dan 6.12: da rules fo da Mede an Persia peopo, dat no mo nobody can change um.”
Dan 6.15: rules fo da Mede an Persia peopo tell dat no mo nobody can change da rules dat da king make.
Dan 7.25: An goin try fo change Da regula times fo make sacrifice An change da rules from
Dan 7.25: An goin try fo change Da regula times fo make sacrifice An change da rules from God.
Dan 11.18: leada guy from one odda place dat goin make da Syria king change his plan, no matta he no mo respeck fo nobody.
Amo 5.8: da one wen make da stars -- Da Pleiades an Orion stars, He change da real dark time an make um come morning time, He change
Amo 5.8: change da real dark time an make um come morning time, He change da day time an make um come dark, nite time.
Amo 5.24: wen you judge da right way bout eryting, Dat make da peopo change how dey tink, Jalike wen da big watta come an change
Amo 5.24: peopo change how dey tink, Jalike wen da big watta come an change eryting.
Amo 7.3: “So Yahweh, he change his mind bout da grasshoppas.
Amo 7.6: “So my boss Yahweh, he change his mind bout da fire.
Amo 8.10: do religious kine stuff dat make you feel good, I goin change um an make you guys come sad.
Jon 3.9: Nobody know if God goin change his mind bumbye.
Jon 3.9: tings us guys stay doing, but maybe he goin show pity an change his mind so us guys no goin wipe out bumbye!
Jon 3.10: God, wen he see wat dey stay doing, an see dat dey wen change how dey ack an pau do bad kine tings, he wen change his
Jon 3.10: wen change how dey ack an pau do bad kine tings, he wen change his mind bout doing bad tings to dem, da way he wen say
Jon 4.1: Wen bodda Jonah plenny, cuz God wen change his mind.
Jon 4.2: Dass why you change yoa mind an no punish da bad kine stuff peopo do.
Mal 3.6: Yahweh, he say dis too: “I Yahweh, Yahweh, an I no change how I ack.
Mat 13.15: Dey no like change da way dey stay living, So I can make um come good.
Mat 18.3: He say, “I tell you guys dis fo shua: If you guys no change an start fo tink jalike one litto kid, no way God in da
Mat 27.24: Den Pilate know he no can make dem change dea minds, cuz da peopo was bussing up da place awready.”
Mrk 4.12: If dey really wen see an hear, Den dey goin change, An I goin let um go an hemo dea shame Fo all da bad kine
Luk 9.29: Wen he stay praying, his face wen change an he look real diffren.
Luk 12.1: Dey jalike da yeast fo make bread -- ony need litto bit fo change da whole bread.
Jhn 12.40: see wit dea eyes, No like undastan wit dea head, No like change an come by me, Cuz dey no like fo me fo make um come good.
Act 6.14: guy Jesus from Nazaret goin broke down da temple an goin change all da stuff Moses wen tell us fo do!
head: Saul Wen Change
Act 13.10: Everytime you try change da true stuff from da Boss Up Dea.
Act 20.30: Dey goin change da true stuff fo take some peopo wit dem.
head: Paul Tell Da Peopo He Wen Change
head: Paul Say Dat He Wen Change
Act 28.6: So dey wen change dea mind an say, “Eh!
Act 28.27: Dey no like change so I can make um come good.
Rom 1.26: da wahines, dey no like make like dey wahines, dey like change how dey stay.
Rom 2.5: But you get hard head, an you no like change how you stay doing.
Rom 11.23: Same ting wit da Jewish peopo, if dey change dea heart, an start fo trus God, God goin plant dem
Rom 11.29: he no goin change his mind.
Rom 13.14: Mo betta you go change yoa heart an come jalike our Boss Jesus Christ, da Spesho
1Co 7.18: one Jew, an den God tell you fo come be his guy, no need change da mark.
1Co 7.20: wen tell you fo come wit him an be his guy, he neva say fo change everyting.
1Co 14.7: Da flute o da guitar o wateva, if dey no can change da note, how anybody goin figga wat song dey playing?
head: Paul Change His Plan
2Co 1.17: Wen I wen tink fo come by you guys, you guys tink I change mind everytime?
2Co 1.21: an you guys all be Christ's peopo, an no mo notting goin change dat.
2Co 3.18: Az how he change us fo come awesome jalike him, mo an moa.
2Co 12.21: stuff befo, an still yet dey not sorry, an dey neva like change demself notting.
Gal 1.7: Dem guys like change da Good Kine Stuff Bout Christ.
Gal 3.15: one will an sign um in front odda peopo, den nobody can change um o make um no good.
Eph 3.20: Dass da kine power he get fo change us guys inside.
1Ti 6.20: Eh Timoty, no let nobody change wat me an da odda church leadas wen tell you fo teach.
2Ti 1.15: Fygelus, an Hermogenes, an odda guys too from Asia, wen change dea mind an bag from me.
2Ti 2.25: Den God can make dem change dea mind, an make dem so dey can know da trut.
Heb 1.12: An you goin change um, Jalike wen peopo put on da odda kine clotheses.
Heb 6.17: his kids real clear dat da plan he wen make fo dem no goin change eva, he wen make dat strong promise by himself dat he goin
Heb 6.18: Wen God wen do dat, he wen do two tings dat no goin change eva: he wen make one strong promise, an he wen do um
Heb 7.12: da Melkizedek kine, not da Aaron kine An you know, wen dey change da kine pries dey get fo one nodda kine pries, same time
Heb 7.12: pries dey get fo one nodda kine pries, same time dey gotta change da Rules.
Heb 7.21: I make dis promise, An I no goin change my mind.
Heb 12.17: Cuz Esau no can change da ting he wen do befo.
Jas 1.17: But God no change jalike da tings inside da sky.
2Pe 2.20: But if peopo change dea mind, an get all tie up inside da pilau stuff jalike
2Pe 2.21: No good if you know da right way fo live, an den you change yoa mind, an no do da good an spesho tings God wen tell
Jud 1.4: Dey take all da good tings our God stay doing, an try change all dat so dey can go buckaloose an make any kine how dey
Rev 11.6: An dey get da power fo make da water change fo come blood.
Rev 16.9: But still yet, dey no like change an come sorry fo da bad kine stuff dey do, an dey no like
Rev 16.11: suffa an get bad kine sores all ova dem, but dey no like change an come sorry fo da bad kine stuff dey do.