Act 11.26: first place wea odda peopo wen start fo call Jesus peopo ‘Christian.
Act 26.12: guys wen give me da power an wen tell me fo go afta da Christian peopo.
Act 26.28: tink dat in dis litto bit time you goin make me come one Christian?
1Co 6.8: to each odda, an steal from each odda too, an dey yoa Christian bruddas an sistas, an den!
1Co 7.12: I like tell um dis (dass me talking, not da Boss): If one Christian brudda get one wife dat no trus God, he not suppose to
1Co 7.16: But if you one Christian wahine, you donno if you no can help yoa husban get outa
1Co 7.16: An you brah, if you one Christian guy, you donno if you no can help yoa wife get outa da bad
1Co 8.11: An dat guy, he one Christian brudda, an God's Spesho Guy wen go mahke fo him, an den!
1Co 8.13: So den, if I go eat dat stuff, an dat make my Christian brudda o sista jam up, mo betta I no goin eat dat kine
1Co 9.5: You no tink we get da right fo take one Christian wife wit us wen we go some odda place?
1Co 16.20: All da Christian bruddas an sistas ova hea like tell you guys “Aloha!”
2Co 9.14: Da Christian peopo Jerusalem side goin pray fo you guys, an dey goin
Php 4.22: Da Christian guys from King Cesar's palace, dey tell me, “You make shua
head: Wat Da Odda Christian Peopo Suppose To Do
2Pe 1.7: Show aloha fo da Christian bruddas an sistas.