Rom 8.9: Whoeva no mo Christ's Spirit inside him, dass da guy dat not God's guy.
Rom 15.6: God, he our Boss Jesus Christ's Fadda.
1Co 4.1: So den, tink bout us guys lidis: We Christ's helpas.
1Co 4.10: Peopo tink we stupid cuz we Christ's guys, but dey tink you guys mo smart cuz you stay tight
1Co 6.15: yoa body stay fo Christ, jalike you guys was da parts a Christ's body.
1Co 6.15: You guys tink I goin take da parts from Christ's body, an make um part a one wahine's body dat take money
1Co 9.21: I Christ's guy, an dass how come I stay do wat God's Rules say.
1Co 12.27: You jalike Christ's body.
1Co 12.27: Everybody jalike one part inside Christ's body.
2Co 1.21: God, he da One dat make us guys an you guys all be Christ's peopo, an no mo notting goin change dat.
2Co 10.7: If one guy tink he Christ's guy, he gotta tink bout dis, dat we Christ's guys too,
2Co 10.7: guy tink he Christ's guy, he gotta tink bout dis, dat we Christ's guys too, jalike him.
2Co 12.9: Dass how Christ's power goin stay wit me.”
2Co 12.10: All dis cuz I Christ's guy.
Gal 3.29: You guys Christ's guys, so den you guys Abraham's kids.
Gal 5.24: Everybody who Jesus Christ's guy, dey no goin do all da kine bad stuff dey like do jus
Gal 6.2: If you do dat, you goin do everyting Christ's rules say.
Eph 1.23: Us church guys, we jalike Christ's body.
Eph 3.1: I da prisona guy, cuz I Jesus Christ's guy.
head: Christ's Peopo Stay Tight Wit Each Odda
head: Get Diffren Kine Peopo Inside Christ's Ohana
Eph 4.12: Den all Christ's peopo goin come mo strong.
Eph 4.12: Cuz we Christ's peopo, you know.
Eph 5.30: Cuz you know, jalike all us guys, we jalike da parts fo Christ's body.
Php 1.19: Cuz you guys pray, dass why, an cuz wateva I need, Jesus Christ's Spirit goin help me plenny.
Php 3.10: Wen I suffa cuz I Christ's guy, I like handle um jalike him.
Col 3.11: Inside Christ's new way, no matta if one guy Jewish an da odda guy not
head: Christ's New Kine Life
2Th 3.12: dem an begging dem fo no make lidat, cuz we da Boss Jesus Christ's guys.
1Pe 1.11: Christ's Spirit inside dem wen tell um how Christ goin suffa, an
1Pe 4.11: Den everybody goin see dat you guys make like Jesus Christ's guys, an dey goin talk good bout God.
1Pe 4.14: Wen somebody talk any kine to you cuz you Christ's guys, you can stay good inside, cuz God's awesome Spesho
1Pe 4.16: But whoeva suffa cuz dey Christ's guy, dey no need come shame cuz a dat.
1Pe 4.16: Mo betta, cuz dey Christ's guy, dey tell everytime dat God stay awesome.