Exo 24.10: jewelry stone dey call sapphire, blue an bright jalike da clear sky.
Lev 24.2: tell Moses fo tell da Israel peopo fo do dis: “Bring me clear kine olive oil you guys smash from da olives, fo make da
Deu 21.17: He gotta make um clear, dat da boy dat come from da wife he no love, he da one
Dan 5.11: stay king, peopo find out dat dis guy can see stuff real clear, an undastan plenny, an know wat fo do erytime, jalike da
Mrk 8.32: He wen talk real clear bout dis.
Luk 8.17: um, an everyting dass hard fo undastan he goin make um clear, so da peopo can undastan.
Luk 13.18: Wat story I can tell you guys fo make um mo clear?
Jhn 1.18: He da One dat wen make clear how God stay.
Rom 3.21: Stay clear now how God wen go make plan so we can get um right wit
Rom 5.1: Dass why our heart stay clear inside wit God awready, cuz our Boss Jesus, da Spesho Guy
Rom 16.26: befo time wen write down inside da Bible, make everyting clear.
1Co 13.12: But bumbye, goin be clear.
2Co 3.3: Stay clear dat you guys, you stay jalike one letta dat Christ wen
Gal 3.11: Stay clear dat no mo nobody dat do everyting da Rules say.
Gal 5.19: Da bad kine stuff dey like do jus cuz dey peopo stay clear: dey like fool aroun anybody, even anodda guy's wife o
Heb 6.17: Cuz God like show his kids real clear dat da plan he wen make fo dem no goin change eva, he wen
Heb 7.15: But da whole ting stay come even mo clear now: Get one nodda kine pries guy wen come.
Jas 5.4: Dat show real clear how bad you guys stay.
Rev 1.1: God like Jesus make um clear to da peopo dat work fo him.
Rev 1.1: So Jesus Christ wen send one angel messenja guy fo make um clear to me, John, cuz I one a his worka guys.