head: Paul In Front King Agrippa An Queen Bernice
Act 25.13: Bumbye King Agrippa an Queen Bernice wen come to Cesarea fo give dea aloha to
Act 25.14: Cuz dey goin stay ova dea long time, Festus wen tell King Agrippa bout Paul.
Act 25.22: King Agrippa wen tell Festus, “I like lissen to dis guy.
Act 25.23: Da nex day King Agrippa an Queen Bernice wen come all dress up an make big show.”
Act 25.24: Festus say, “King Agrippa, an all you guys dat stay hea wit us, hea da guy!
Act 25.26: him in front all you guys, an even mo in front you, King Agrippa, so you can check him out, an den I can write down
head: Paul Talk Fo Himself In Front King Agrippa
Act 26.1: King Agrippa tell Paul, “You can talk fo yoaself.
Act 26.2: An Paul wen wave his hand an say, “Yoa Honor King Agrippa, I tink dass good fo me fo stand in front you today fo
Act 26.19: So den, King Agrippa, I wen do wat God wen show me.
Act 26.27: King Agrippa, you trus wat da guys wen write down dat wen talk fo God?
Act 26.28: Den Agrippa wen tell Paul, “You tink dat in dis litto bit time you
Act 26.32: An Agrippa wen tell Festus, “If dis guy neva aks fo stand in front da