Deu 27.2: God Yahweh stay give you guys, put some big stones up, an cover um wit white plasta.
Est 6.12: He put one cloth ova his head fo cover um, cuz he stay sore inside.
Isa 8.17: Right now, he stay cover his face so da Jacob ohana peopo no can see him.”
Isa 51.16: I cover you wit da shadow from my hand.
Isa 57.8: too, Cuz you go way from me, Jalike dat wahine open da cover off her bed An go on top um an make ready.
Isa 59.6: Nobody can cover demself wit dat.
Mat 5.15: Same ting, you no light one lamp an den cover um up.
Mat 9.16: you no goin take one new piece cloth dat no shrink yet fo cover da puka.
Mat 10.26: Da tings dey cover an hide, everybody goin know an see.
Mrk 2.21: you no goin take one new piece cloth dat no shrink yet fo cover da puka.
Mrk 14.65: Den some guys spit on top him, an dey cover his eyes wit one cloth, an punch him, an say, “Talk some
Luk 1.35: God Dass Mo Importan Den All Da Odda Gods, his power goin cover you.”
Luk 5.36: “Fo cover one puka on one old clothes, you no goin cut one piece
Luk 7.46: me olive oil fo my head fo show me respeck, but she wen cover my feet wit da perfume.
Luk 8.16: “You no light one lamp an cover um wit one bucket, o put um unda da bed.
Luk 9.34: Wen Peter still talking, one cloud wen come an cover um.”
Luk 12.2: Cuz you know, everyting dat stay unda one cover, da peopo goin see um, an everyting dat stay hiding, dey
Luk 22.64: Dey cover his eyes wit one rag, an give um plenny false crack, an
Jhn 11.38: An had one big stone dea dat cover da cave so nobody can go inside.
Act 7.57: Den dey wen yell real loud, an dey wen cover dea ears, an dey wen run at him, an drag him outside da
Act 13.11: Right den an dea da mist an da dark wen cover his eyes, an he wen go all ova da place, an wen try find
Act 23.3: You jalike one wall dey wen cover wit white kine paint.
head: How Come Da Wahines Cover Up Dea Head Wen Dey Pray?
1Co 11.4: If get one guy dat cover up his head wen he pray o talk fo God, dass jalike he do
1Co 11.5: But if get one wahine dat no cover up her head wen she pray o talk fo God, dass jalike she do
1Co 11.6: If da wahine no like cover up her head, den mo betta she cut off all her hair.
1Co 11.6: be shame fo her wen she cut her hair bolohead, mo betta cover up her head, yeah?
1Co 11.7: Tink bout dis: Da man betta not cover up his head, you know.
1Co 11.13: self: Wen one wahine pray to God, an she no use notting fo cover up her head, you tink dat okay, o wat?
1Co 11.15: Fo her, God wen give her da long hair fo cover up her head jalike how suppose to.
2Co 3.13: He wen cover up his face so da Israel peopo no can see da shine go way.
2Co 3.14: da Deal from befo time dat God wen make, jalike dey get cover ova dea head, cuz dey no like lissen, an no can undastan.
2Co 3.15: cuz dey no lissen inside dea hearts, jalike dey get cover ova dea hearts.
2Co 3.16: da Bible wen tell bout Moses, “He take away da ting dat cover his face.
2Co 3.18: An our faces no stay cover up, an now we can stay tinking plenny bout how awesome da
Eph 6.14: you do da right kine stuff, dass jalike one metal vest fo cover yoa chest.